Download PES SMoKE Patch v6.0.1.1 Released For PES 2014

Installation Instructions:

You must have installed v6.0 and v6.0.1 before you install this!

If you have installed Datapack 3.0, you should install the Smoke Datapack which came with GOLD 6.0 again.

If you don’t Have it, you can download it below.

Datapack (includes 2D league installer) :

PES SMoKE Patch v6.0.1.1 Installer:

uploaded uploaded
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Edit.bin (fixed):


Password : smoke

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    • Can not believe they have put this patch on this website, have told the smoke team the problem with game freezing in certain situations with certain teams maybe because of the dummy players but may be wrong thinking that is why. Unless anyone knows how to remove them so I can try again with those teams.

      // some have problems, some don’t have problems, so…