PES 2014 International Facepack By Pantel G7 [01.03]

Download PES2014 International Facepack By Pantel G7 [01.03]

uploaded zippyshare

* Samaras hair by Vangelis.
* Sokratis face is made in collaboration with Vangelis facemaker.

Credits to PantelG7, Vangelis Facemaker and Wehellas.

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  1. hy guys…great faces :) can someone help me with some faces installation? i downloaded harmash, konoplyanka, iarmolenko, koval , kacheridi faces, but…they are created players and the ID´s are for example ( 500443 ) . I have the paste peswindat( character0…faces…real ) with the faces off the players . How i install that faces if they are created players? Need the map.txt and change there?