Mega Patch for PESEDIT 2013 Patch 6.00 UPDATE 1 by mats hummels

– Update stats PSD for many teams of Sky Bet Championship
– Add Setup Language: english, vietnamese
– Add file exe with patch by starting year tool

– Fix face error, add new face more than 120 faces & hairs. Total 3500 faces & hairs.

– Add flags for emblems national

– Add scoreboards: NBA STYLE (FANTASY), PES 2014

– Add many balls: Mitre Final Capital One Cup 2014, Nike Incyte AFC Asian Cup, Prime MLS Rosa, Puma King AMFP Chile 2014, Nike Arsenal, Nike MU

– Add Vietnam replace Kuwait

– Add Pack of 81 Boots Pes 13 V6 Full HD by Nilton1248

– Update kit Brazil World Cup 2014


– Setup Megapatch Update for PESEDIT Patch 6.00
– Unrar Mega Patch Update 1 and setup Mega Patch Update 1.exe
– Setup fix.exe in fix.rar
– Open Selector=>Swiches=>default=>ml/ball
– Play game

P/S: If not responding, open Gameplay Tool.exe=>Module=>Move tick Stadium switcher

Note : you need installed first : Mega Patch update for PESEDIT 2013 Patch 6.00 and then UPDATE 1.

Mega Patch update for PESEDIT 2013 Patch 6.00 :

uploaded uploaded

FIX “not responding” :

uploaded mega

Delete all files in the folder Gameplay Tool, do not delete the folder GDB and install Fix.exe

Thanks Superhieubeo for helping me complete this update.

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  1. Why can not a change in the mode of Arsenal Stadium Home Ground.If I can do to change it, that way I do that? thank you in advance.PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP

    • Why can not a change in the mode of Arsenal Stadium Home Ground.If I can do to change it, that way I do that? thank you in advance.PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP

  2. Why can not a change in the mode of Arsenal Stadium Home Ground.If I can do to change it, that way I do that? thank you in advance.PLEASE HELPPPPP

  3. In you’r next update plz make a face and hairstyle for Shaw the next Super England Star ok :) ?
    This player it’s very searching for Man.City , Chelsea , Man.United etc.

  4. c’mon.. what is this? the first edition, without this update has a lot of mistakes.. for example, william carvalho has 21 age, but in game he has 34, i think.. dsavid santon is an Italian player, aged 23 max, but in game he’s argentinian and has 32 ages… c’mon dude.. fix this

  5. And for Chirices face and hairstyle it’s the new star of Tottenham in you’r next update pleaze put the face and hairstyles for important player in Premier League like Shaw , Chiriches and more :) and fix the problem with ages of player’s ex : Santon has 32 ages but in reality she have just 23 xD and it’s Italian guy

  6. it became very very difficult even on beginer level,, player do not allow us to even reach half court.. n pls pls update it to english version cant understand many things..

  7. osea k toka descargar todo ese otro parche k hay en otro post para podr instalar este o como es o solo con el pesedit y este update

  8. o jogo para de funcionar quando o Rumo ao estrelato é iniciado logo depois que instalei o Patch com a atualização, me ajudem!

  9. Please Please give me fix for master league crash .. I Love U’r patch its best pes2013 patch ever but i hope to play master league in this :(

  10. English please!!i couldn’t understand many thing..n why the game level was changing?its very difficult for beginner!

  11. you’r update it’s broken i lose my mind in ML with the stats of game it’s only Super-Star it’s too hard for me X( i change to Proffesional and it’s only Super-Star she not change and in Begginer it’s Super-Star! The best broken patch for PesEdit , HUOOO !

    // always, always backup before installing anything in your pes!

  12. I stil wait the next update with error fix and many face’s ( ex for Shaws , Chiriches , M.Keane-Man.United etc )
    Plz make it fast… plz

  13. something wrong, strange window at left corner apear when start game and faking vietnamie lenguage here. I tray install all updates (like always i do) but nothing change and no english language.

    Someone tell me how to fix it :)

  14. Hye admin.

    i would like to thanks you for your great work on this patch.
    unfortunately there’s some error found in this patch. Im hoping if u can lend your few minutes helping us out on this patch.

    the patch work fine.
    1 issue that came up was, when i tried to play for exhibition match, everything went well, but right after kick-off button was click, the game loading and it stop there. continuously loading.

    it works fine on master league. the game work smooth but not on exhibition match. it continously loading.

    i followed your instruction exactly like you instructed. do you mind helping us in this problem incase we have left out any of the instruction.
    please help us. Your work is being appreciated here. And were looking forward for this solution to work. so that everyone can enjoy your patch.

  15. Hello.
    I have a problem. “FIX “not responding”” don’t work. I want play on “Wembley Stadium” and game error, I do “Gameplay Tool.exe=>Module=>Move tick Stadium switcher”. Please help.

  16. hey bro, thank for the Upload mega patch

    but, i hope your upload UPDATE 1 from MEGA Uploader

    because, I can not download it via UPLOADED and zshare.

    thanks in advance.

  17. amazing patch hope there is next to come like update 2 for world cup squads kits face hair and transfers boots ty

  18. found a language problem + in football life (master league) the coach wears Manchester United’s t-shirt -_-