PES 2013 Mega Patch Update For PESEdit 2013 Patch New Features:

– Include PESEDIT 2013 Patch 6.00
– Include DLC 6.00 & version 1.00, 1.03

– Complete Winter Transfers 2013-2014
– New stats,age,number players and gameplan team from Pes Stats Database(~80%)
– Add 3400 faces and 3000 hair and more
– Update kits for many national teams World Cup 2014
– Add ball: Argentum League Ball 2014-15,Bundesliga Torfabrik Ball 2014-15,Bundesliga Torfabrik Ball Winter 2014-15,Fifa World Cup Brazuca Ball 2014-15,UEFA Europa League Ball 2014-15,UEFA Champions League Finale Lisbon 14,PES 2014

– PES 2013 Bootpack (81) V1.0 Full HD By SBadBoy (Actual Boots)
– Turfs HD by

– Gameplay Tool 3.25,adboard,banners server, add more scoreboards
– Macro Chants Pack V2.2 PES 2013 PC by Secun1972 (NO Gameplay tool – Folder only dt01)

– Graphics:

+ PS3 Pad for PES 2013 Full game by congdien91+3D Logopack by Genko06

+ 3D Logopack by Genko06

+ League Emblems by Chelsea fc 555

+ Improved Crowds
+ Goal Nets,Ball cusor,Gameplan to change team logo
+ New Menu Design by Grkn Design®
+ Graphic by Fatih Kuyucak and H-BOY19
+ Video champion league,intro new

– Special : replace Spor Toto Süper Lig,add 7 All Stars Team for play Exhibition Mode

Tutorial Setup :

– Download all file and unrar
– Setup PES 2013 and delete folder save in Documents.You only need to keep folder img in PES’s folder where you installed PES 2013
– Install [Patch] Mega Patch update for PESEDIT 2013 Patch 6.00: Installer-a=>Installer-b=>Instaler-c
– Delete unnamed_1981.bin in kitserver13\pesedit-ml\img\dt0f.img
– Run PESEDIT Selector 2013 on your desktop, switch mode and play

PES 2013 Mega Patch Update For PESEdit 2013 Patch :

part 1 :
part 2 :
part 3 :
part 4 :
part 5 :
part 6 :
part 7 :
part 8 :
part 9 : :
mega :
torrent :

Update fix language :

uploaded mega multiupload

Run the exe file,select the language you are using (English-Vietnamese) and select where you install patch.

P/S: updates will be available in the next few days, including balls, graphics and if it fixed errors.

By : mats hummels

Thanks To : 1002, pesedit team, Grkn Design, ginda01, genko06, H-BOY19, danny77, Ilhan…

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  1. Thanks for patch. Its like jenkey mixed with pes edit. Barcelona player S.Gomez is grey no skin :) Waiting for updates and keep going pes 2013 not dead because pes 2014 is unplayable. I dont understand first game start picture stadium from pes 2014. Make another and maybe change meniu style.

  2. Very nice this patch it’s cool and i wait next update’s :) and plz make more faces and hairs for teams on Ligue 1 ( like Olympique Lyonnais and AS Saint Ettiene … etc )
    Keep going , great job :)

  3. Thanks for Uploading and i will wait for more updates . I still play PES 2013 since PES 2014 movement is like ice skating on grass , terrible .

  4. thanks great patch to continue the job of pesedit
    pes 2013 is better than pes 2014 keep going guys
    and by the way is it possible to have the third kits of the teams it would awesome thank you again
    and is it compatible with pes 2013 patch 1.04 ?

  5. Fix the fucking problem with Master League X( OMG …
    For what i play PES if Master League doesn’t work o.O ?

  6. please anybody help me. when i start application PESEDIT.exe , why always show error problem. the Application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to Close Application,
    please help me to fix this problem, thank you.

  7. Why can not a change in the mode of Arsenal Stadium Home Ground.If I can do to change it, that way I do that? thank you in advance

  8. the leagues dont load through the pesedit launcher….why??i get an error that the application couldn’t switch the eredivisie league with other leagues….also the kits of most of the teams doesn’t exist….the game loads default kits and not the officials,is there any solution to these problem???

  9. how to add stadiums? where to put them, in a kitserver or in gameplay tool? I here have 154 real stadiums, but I can’t add them on it a patch, help me please)))

  10. Why can not a change in the mode of Arsenal Stadium Home Ground.If I can do to change it, that way I do that? thank you in advance.PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP

  11. kit of Coach in Master League is Manchester United..I don’t like..Can you help me change the kit of them????

  12. when i start pes 2013 there is an eror : le module de sécruit?reqius ne peut étre activ?ce programme ne peut étre exécut

  13. I played a match with FC Porto and it is pretty nice. Just some issues on the positions, but I’ll change that. Eitherway, excellent work! Just need some help on the language. :)

  14. The patch is great and the stats are updated but where the hell is Galatasaray???? you can’t just kick it out c’mon give a solution

  15. why can’t i switch between divisions? … also when i open the game there are some strange players in the team with name Dummy…PLZ HELP !!

  16. when i start master league after creating manager error “dont send” what to do pls help i want to play football life n how to change coach jersey

  17. its a perfrct patch but there r some things i dnt like i m jst telling u so that ur next patch will be much better 1st the manager kit is manu kit n training kit is also man u kit in football life u mst change it to normal also default boots in ML/BAL change them too n after my first match in football life my game crashes to dnt send error pls give me a soln…..

  18. hi!
    can anyone help me?
    the problem is that when i open pes i can play exhibition matches but when i start a master league ,at that moment show up an error.what is the problem and can i fix it?Plese help me!!

    • in fact, i did what you sad but nothing has changed…or i need to delete once the patch..then ti reinstall and to make this change firstly..

  19. thankyou very much.i appreciate that.and can i ask you for one more thing?
    unnamed_1981.bin in kitserver13\pesedit-ml\img\dt0f.img…i can not find this file.what can i do to hide that gameplay…thankyou again.

    • you have to download the pack fix,then install it to the pes can choose english or viettnames language.that is a easy process.lastly go to options (open pes)and choose the english language

  20. Hello, I am new. I want to say thank you for this big work
    I have a problem: when I install the game and this patch, the game version is 1.03 and it isn’t 1.04. After that, if I want to play the game, I can’t because it close for a problem and after the game doesn’t start.
    Can the version be the problem?? What thing can I do?
    Thank you!!

  21. why i continue to play Master League is faulty “has stopped working”.
    through character creation training period. i used win 7.

  22. this patch can’t installed my computer perfectly. part-a file is Error during installation(chant pack). so i can’t play this patch. please help solution about this problem.

  23. Hi there, I have also a problem in master league… The problem is that, Liga Eredevise has all those teams , with Stars of each particular league; E.g Liga BBVA All stars, Seria A all stars team etc etc… BUT… the problem that the patch has, and the creators didn’t think about is, that when we play master league, we realize that we have same players , 2 Yaya Toure, 2 to 3 Messi and thus… So the next update, I suppose, would be better to put these alL Star teams , at other european teams place, not at eredevise, otherwise, it doesn’t make sense playing real madrid against liga bbva all stars in the final of Champions league etc… thank you, and good luck…

  24. Otherwise… for those that have crashes like not responding and so on, i would suppose to change the graphic resolutions, at config in kitserver… just enforce resolution to 800 : 600, or 1280 : 720 and make the quality high or medium… just try some of these and you’ll get fixed… Furthermore, check the update that the MEGA Patch uploaded with the Fix rar…

  25. When I start the game I have this problem:The dynamic library rld dll failed to initialize e5
    I copied crack again and dont work
    I add rld.dll to antivirus exception and dont work
    I download new crack and dont work
    I turn off antivirus and again dont work
    Please help if you know solution of this problem
    Thanks and sorry for my bad english

  26. Hello! Can you help me ! When i start master league and i choose real madrid my footballers are in Manchester United’s Kit. How can i solve this problem?