Download Italian Style Patch 2014 v.2.0

“ Caro Paolo, questa patch è per ricordati! So che non sarà bella e perfetta come la tua ma è un mio pensiero per non far morire il tuo ricordo e per non far dimenticare la tua magnifica patch! ”
“ Dear Paolo, this patch is for remember you! I know that it will not beautiful like your patch, but this is my care to keep alive the memory of you and do not forget your great patch! ”

16 League in ISP :
Premier League
Ligue One
Serie A
Liga Zon Sagres
Serie B (Seconda Divisione)
Lega Pro Prima Divisione Girone A
Lega Pro Prima Divisione Girone B
Lega Pro Prima Seconda Girone A
Lega Pro Prima Seconda Girone B

South America
+ Liga Messicana

Not present
Creato auto-install patch
Create exe paralle
Correct all name for competition and cup
You can do the climbing from Lega Pro Seconda Divisione to Serie A
Add a new Locker Room
Add real logos for Premier League, Liga Zon Sagres, Bundesliga Serie B and for 4 round of Lega Pro + add new logo of Parma
Add 31 new team of Champions League and Europa League
Add real logos for competitions
Create Bundesliga
Patch havn’t crash! ]
Add 19 new balls
Create italian Serie B
Create italian Lega Pro Prima and Seconda Divisione (ex C1 and C2)
Add real name for team of Premier League, Bundesliga and Liga Zon Sagres Implement reform of Lega Pro in 2nd years of Master League
Correct shorthand for all italian team
Add celebrations for a lot of player also for player that play in italian Serie B or Lega Pro
Done invernal and estive market
Add PS3 button
Add armband captain for CL
Correct fake nation
Correct color for Serie B team and Lega Pro (1° and 2°) team
Edited all color of skin, real hairs and bears of all italian lower division player
Add all kit for Premier League, Bundesliga, Liga Zon Sagres, Liga Messicana, Serie B, Lega Pro (1° and 2°), a lot of national and Serie A team
Correct a lot of name shirt
Add league adboard for all league
Add choreography for Juventus Stadium
Daytime Stadium shadows shallowing update
Add all faces of DLC 2.00
Add real young player (best european young player) in Youth Player Team (ML)
Add over 500 face (some with real tatoo)
Correct a lot of face with black face and white body
Create new 30 player
Add new refree kit
Add new


Ian Ray78®
Belva Granata
sal 23

Kitmaker: VinVanDam13, ganugunners, SpeedShadow, Aemza-Kun, Nemanjabre, Santy Argentina, Cuky, Don Alejandro, Wahidmob, Tunevi, Fred80, Reixx, JulianCames, Michael, G-Style, Erolkopuz, Tudik97, ILPrincipino8, Buffon 99
Facemaker: MZF, ElBoss, Zizi, Tunizizou, Alir110, Vangelis, ViERi, miguelrioave, godra94, Rea Koolivand, Beatts, Kasabali_45, nabeghe, GenialIdiot, Diiego, Adit25, Gemy87, DamageCase66, TWISTEDLOGIC, Rob Kenshin, Insomniac, Suat, Rahul, vincent82, kpt1, shamrik_gunners, AF, LeXtAR, hawke, DzGeNiO, M.Malaki, O44, BOGDANCR7, ZIUTKOWSKI, Sameh Momen, Jelly, spiritusanto, E.G, alex7, akasan, M90, BiH, K0H, MarikZ, Rednik, Rio, asep_maulana10, shaggyboss, m4rc310, BimaHR07L, Tartaguaro, Jack, Ninja, michi1860, Juan71, Shieka, Sudac, Kairzhanov, KimRegi, sniglet, maxi534, Straone, zimon, REMI, elmodamer, Panna, Jo7, Mrhdd, MuCé, Pantel G7, Kawan Baik, The JoKeR, Footballmania, hosamalfars, sunbast
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1 – NOTE: Compatible only with patch 1.01 by KONAMI and DLC 1.0
2 – Download all part, extract all and launch (like AMMINISTRATOR) PES SW.exe
3 – When you’re at Select Install Folder, you must see if the destination of program is the same when you have installed PES. For me is C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.
4 – Wait that installation is completed
5 – Play and fun :D


Parte 1
Parte 2
Parte 3
Parte 4
Parte 5
Parte 6
Parte 7
Parte 8
Parte 9
Parte 10
Parte 11
Parte 12
Parte 13
Parte 14
Parte 15
Parte 16

N.B.: The “Italian Style Patch 2014” it’s an exclusive for PIML forum. Any reproduction without permission is prohibited.

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