DINOTOOL For Xbox360 PES 2014 by smeagol75

This is our last contribution, was working on this to learn more about programming, I was thinking not to share it but Tester´s told that all works fine and I feel like it´s a waste not to share it, maybe someone find it useful. Is first and last version. As I said is a goodbye.
God save the queen and MR Starvin!


A tool to manage pesdb folder, files that could be managed.

– Player.bin
– PlayerAssignment.bin
– Team.bin
– CompetitionRegulation.bin(Only for read competitions)
– CompetitionEntry.bin

All this files Must be present on folder.

What could be done?

– Manage competiton, leagues, cup, supercup etc etc., add or delete teams.
– Manage Teams. Add teams (clone an Existing one) Rename, tranfer players, Change Name, zone, Short name, etc etc.
– Manage Players. Change names, tranfers, dorsal, Id, Nationality etc etc. And Add players too.

Don’t forget to push apply Changes and Last Save Changes.
Always make a backup of your files (and if you use option file you must create a new one after edit).

Credits. Goldorakiller, RadiocaseHead, CarluchiRock, Tibinator, Albiore and all people that share his Knowledge here in Evo and his discovers.

Link: www32.zippyshare.com/v/68155406/file.html

To use in Ps3 : will fail on decompress(unzlib) but if files are the same, you just use multiconverter to unzlib, compress on xbox format, work with dinotool, then decompress again and compress (zlib) on ps3 format. Other way is with hexeditor change first byte from 02(ps3) to 01(Xbox), work and change again to all files you work with.

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  1. dont work for me.when I open folder error:All files in pesdb must be present!!!
    but I’m sure that put all files in folder.
    help me

  2. when change any thing the program increase files size , they become larger than ever before
    and as you know the xbox iso must be same size after batch

  3. where i find??
    – PlayerAssignment.bin
    – Team.bin
    – CompetitionRegulation.bin(Only for read competitions)
    – CompetitionEntry.bin