Manchester United – Old Trafford bill HD pes2014 by zikint Final Version

# Real bill face texture
# add billbody & billface in corner
# 100% manchester united sponsorship view = view manutd reality match of old traford
# 25% manchester united motion view (cut some movie motion)
# 75% real all movie motion
# Fixed to realistic Barclays Premire League movie motion
# 5.30 minutes duration, quickly frame movie
# medium brightness

before download, please see the preview here:

watch Manchester United - Old Trafford bill HD pes2014 by zikint video

How to use :
(backup your bill folder)

just copy “pes_win_dat” folder to FileLoader by Jenkey, and add the config.xml parameter like this :


*don’t put all “manutd” bill if you use it to another stadium,, put the movie file only..
becouse the billbody & billface only for old traford stadium, i’m adding billbody model of the corner..*

many thank you,, if you like it…

Credits :
– Master Jenkey, Best FileLoader
– Suat CAGDAS ‘sxsxsx’ (CPK tools)
– Grkn, for Inspiration
– Rhudie, for usm script Encoder
– Majuh, for bill config templates
– Pesmonkey
– All Patcher
– evoweb

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  1. it doesn’t work, i just copy your file into file loader by jenkey but adboard are same in old trafford, please make real tutorial guys.. =(