DAYMOS ELITE PES2014 PESW OF v2.3 Chant Edition

Sky Bet, Bundesliga, Liga MX & National Teams

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Please download Konami Data Pack 1 & Data Pack 2 via Xbox Live before you start.

Chant Info
To play chants, you just leave the WEPES2014 folders on your USB and leave it plugged in all the time when you play your games.

When your team is playing at their home ground, there chants will play automatically at the correct times. The teams with chants linked can be seen in the pic below.

Daymos PES2014 Crowd Chants Man City vs Arsenal demonstration here

Daymos PES2014 Chants Liverpool vs Everton Intro demonstration here.

Daymos & Bolloxmaster Mod file video here

Daymos Elite PES2014 PESW OF V2.3

Premier League: Emblems, Kits, Chants
Sky Bet Championship: Emblems, Kits, Chants
Liga Zon Sagres: Emblems, Kits
Bundesliga: Emblems, Kits, Chants
French League 1: Chants
Deutch League: Chants
Liga MX: Emblems, Kits
National Teams: 95% Kits
Stadiums: Teams have correct Stadium names at home matches (All chants will eventually be linked and added shortly to the remaining teams starting with French League 1 and Bundesliga chants for each teams.
Extra Teams: Some Champions League teams have been added however these teams may be removed for the mod file to make room for the 24 team Sky Bet Championship.

In this file, (Normal) some pngs have been converted from PS3 or PC using the Rocky5 PES Converter.
Some (Normal) kits have come from Glen The Magpies great PS3 file from PESW with the rest by Daymos.

I need to add J League soon (once it’s available in Japan) and Liga Adelante teams are on the USB to import over the sky bet if you choose to.

Formations will be updated again when the 24 team sky bet is completed, the squads were correct when the teams were created but a lot has changed since then with many teams.

MLS is also in the works and will replace Liga MX for those who would prefer MLS

IMPORTANT: New Daymos Installation Instructions Here:

Daymos v2.3 Download Link Via PESW:

DAYMOS ELITE PES2014 PESW OPTION FILE v0.8 Download Link: click here.

Thanks again for your support.

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  1. hi,i want to install your option file but i’ve already installed konami’s last dlc (i think it’s 4.0) Can i get it or would i mess something in saves etc?