Pes 2015 totally changed

Konami Europe head Shinji Hirano in a chat with MCV : “can’t say certain things about PES 2015… we are ready to make a comeback. I can not give details on exactly what we are doing with the UK studio, but they are working on the next project and looking at the needs of the European people. It’s about globalising the franchise, so it is not just being developed by Japanese people.”

“We know what’s been going wrong with PES,” said Shinji Hirano, “we are working on that. The next version is totally changed. 2014 is a transitional year for the franchise, so expect big things.”

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  1. Just how I feel it just takes the p***. They say the same thing year on year – the only good thing about the game this year is that you can actually swap teams around between the Premier League and the Championship, but you have to start the game all over again!!!!! How about actually conecting two leagues so there is a constant change around with teams. How about that even with a high spec computer that the game doesn’t lag behind what you are actually trying to do on the field!!! How about Konami actually getting guys like Jenkey and Yair on board because without them the game wouldn’t even be half as good as they make it!!!!

    It’s about time Shinjo just shut up – listened to the fans and stop talking bilge!!!

  2. My Next PES 2015 i will buy it for PC at 5 Euros only.
    If need to do a robbery for the copy i will go!
    Konami you will gonna pay all my 40 euros from PES 2014 for PC until your prize burns to 5 Euros.

  3. Unfortunately, PES 2015 won’t be released for PC. Only the NG (PS4, Xbox One). That sad. Thanks KONAMI for all your work. I’ll never forget all nights with ISS 97/98/99/00/01, PES2,PES3,PES4/5/6.

      • Its fake. It will released for all consoles exept ps3 i think.
        PC, Xbox one, Ps4 can support the graphic analysis of pes14+ series because support 780p and more

        • Don´t believe on fake news, someone is making discusting fake news untill was announced 3 Months Before PES 2014 came out!!! Who is the mother%%%%r need to be kil###

  4. Pes 2014 was the worst pes ever…
    Awful turfs. Faces kits… etc
    I wont buy the next version (2015)
    Dont listen to their words ‘ it ll completly change and etc…)
    This is what they say evry fkin year…

  5. I got hooked on PES with 2011. I’ve never played the previous ones but from what I gather those were even better. Can’t you, Konami, bring back those game play with the new graphics? Seems like 2014 was a major sacrifice in game play (and thats being nice) for a minor improvement in graphics. Unfortunately I had to give my money to Fifa in 2014. But I still love PeS I would just like to see it become the FIFA killer we know that it can be.

  6. Noone trust konami the last years. They said the same thing on pes2014.
    New core new animations, new gameplay, rain,snow…
    The final game has not these addons.
    So give me a reason to trust konami this year for pes2015; Because 15 will be released on PS4; Because the animations of faces are too fake like a robot;
    I think FOX Engine is a part of Ignite Engine from FIFA.
    In addition ML offline is like a shit. Pes 13 had better ML system more realistic with scenario.

  7. PES 2015 needs a demo in july and another in august so people will trust and see the game they will buy. Without a proper demo, PES series is gone. The falling of this game started this year already when they didn’t release a demo so people see that is a fail. Game is ruined already. A demo and no bugs from start, and pes can raise again, but who knows what fifa 15 brings, will cover all over pes and all will go to fifa. Interest on PES users in pes2014 is less that 50% this year. If pes 2015 is the same only 20-30 % of old users will play that game. So in pes 2016 is … less than 20% … and never can back as people will get used with fifa as they were used to pes. Once you like a game you don’t change it next year and stay on fifa or pes, and once you pass to fifa won’t go back to pes, because you are used with fifa. PES 2014 online is empty, users are not many, interest is lost, if nothing real is done this year, bye bye pes, and not just me, but 1000’s of old users will go to fifa. IF they improved the pes 2013 and no change to fox engine, pes was still the king, but he is now with this new engine, just a forgotten prince and fifa 14 is the king. Is not about the licences, its about the gameplay here. For licences there is the community, but gameplay must be done correctly by Konami, and so will be a great game, again. What if pes 2015 will go back to pes 2013 engine, would you like that ??? I would !

    • I played FIFA 13 as i was so disappointed by PES 13. Now i went back to PES, even though there are many bugs, but they have already fixed a lot of them and I like the gameplay. But still they gotta fix other bugs and improve every game mode again. Imho the new engine is very good.

  8. My skepticism is based on the past failures of the PES team particularly this year putting all the burden on editors and mod makers. These people, as much as we all appreciate their work, do have lives to live and we have to wait on them even months after a PES title is released before we can play a substantial game. A game with real teams, real faces and real leagues. Or if not just make the slots for players and leagues infinite and leave the rest to the modders.

    For goodness sake Konami, you need to do abit of work too you know and not just presume that your modding community will pick up the slack. My honest opinion is that there is very lazy group of individuals within your team. Why even bother releasing patches afterwards when Modders and Editors are way ahead. Late releases by the way. You realeased a winter patch basically in the begining of spring. You shouldn’t have bothered because most pc gamers got their updates from modders on Febuary 1st!

    There is nothing encouraging about that and nothing to be proud of in that budgeted modders with lives of their own can release such things on time before a well renowned global organization can. Its simply not on… Instead of releasing late updates on things modders are well capable of doing, WORK on the things that they can’t do. E.g, a bigger database of players. An addition each three months or so of some new licenses. If you we’re not ready with RAIN in gamplay, you should have just continued working on that and released it later on in the year and not completely denownce it. Use the time you spend after a game release and help out the PES community. Stop releasing boot updates months late after modders have already done so. Instead respond directly to the concerns and suggestions of the PES community. Things like maybe more boot slots or something.

    The amount of time I see wasted on OFFICIAL UPDATES that the PES community already have is far too much. You are bombarding the PES community with so much work and its not fair, because your game has been bought and yet is so incomplete. The stadium makers have done an absolutely outstanding job on creating a few stadiums for us and it has taken them MONTHS, while your capable of adding these after your game is released. I do not look forward to another year of endless additions and editing as I am growing up now and have far much more workloads on my hands. We need your help PES. Thats the main thing we need in PES 2015 KONAMI.