[PES 14 Tool] Team Editor Manager 0.4 beta by lagun-2


you can create new teams

Beta 0.4 General Features:
Edit the file .bin:
– CompetitionEntry.bin
– Player.bin
– PlayerAssignement.bin
– Team.bin

– Reading of all teams in the files
– Change team name (auto change for all languages)

– Reading of all players in the files

– Add Structure League (English League, French League, Italian League, Spanish League, Classic League, Team Created) [decode Structure League: 70%]

– Reading of all players in the files

Extra Features:
– Add new teams
– Add new players
– Auto-create logos teams
– auto unzlib/zlib file – Pes 14 (special thanks to sxsxsx)
– Auto delete edit.bin (option file)

– Language Support (English, Italian, Spanish and also creates your language)
– Added support
– Added Tutorial
– Check for updates
– Added new function: Utility player database with id (PES 14) and teams (PES 09 PES 14)

Other Changes:
– Fix bugs
– Fix add player/s
– Fix add new team
– Fix Configuration
– Fix unzlib / zlib

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Notes and Recommendations:
– This is a beta version and is being developed, so it can’t work 100%
– Every time you want to modify or change a file, you need to register with the configurations

Designed and developed by lagun-2
auto unzlib/zlib by sxsxsx
Tutorial by teams Razib_46
Tutorial Structure league by rickrd0
Spanish language: tote_alkor
PES14 Full PlayerIDs by Suat CAGDAS
Team ID by Albiore
IDs Leagues by Tibinator360


uploaded zippyshare multiupload

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  1. sorry.. i have a trouble that pop up warning box unhandle exception bla.. blaa.. bla.. when i klik tab open. can u fix it.. or there something wrong with my team editor?? thanks before :D