When you will play with Barcelona you’ll see this adboards:

1: Qatar Foundation
2: La Caixa
3: Etisalat
4: Turkish Airlines
5: Randstad
6: bet365
7: Nike Football
8: Liga BBVA (coming soon!)

It’s 100% my work and it’s taken 5 hours. Just copy the render and bg files into common folder.

NEW! Carpet Cams added! (Qatar Airways)

uploaded zippyshare multiupload mirrorcreator

Config line: see here.

I added some carpet cams to FC Barcelona. I will release an update, to form eight adboards and replace Qatar Foundation to Qatar Airways, and updated CarpetCams.

NEW! SSC Napoli Adboards with Carpet Cams included.

uploaded zippyshare multiupload mirrorcreator

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