Adam Bhatti confirmed on twitter : “So over 800 faces taking the count in-game to over 1000. Next step will be to bring details of fixes and the release date. Hopefully soon.” Game Update will feature also a new Team Play lobby system, 11 vs 11 multiplayer, new kits with correct sponsors, new boots from adidas, Nike, Mizuno and Puma, latest transfers and gameplay fixes.

Here are some screenshots of the new pes 2014 update :

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  1. i hope konami fix the gameplay… some faces are “HORRIBLES”. fix the gameplay konami!!!!! i preffer face makers and kit makers!!!

  2. Hopeless for new face update from KONAMI no quality face, they should employe Tunizu and other base fans update to be a face maker.. Defending methode and collusion effect need to fix..

  3. have update or not.. PES 14 is very “HORRIBLES” And “Stupid”.. Too much change tool game… for me PES 13 is better..

  4. no real and shit face. the facemaker are better then konami. I agree with u. I think many had too change since them make a new engine. shit! disappointed with pes14 this year. I think pes 13 is better if compare then this 14. please fix the gameplay and many more,more,more.
    fifa 14 I think better.
    hope pes15 can see any improvement and lesson about this stupid 14.

  5. I hate the player run. it like frog and not seem real. please fix it.
    and konami please add a name plate after this. “pes is nothing without PATCH!

  6. pes 14 is the best soccer game ever is and will be berter and better its hard to play but in time you well see the best soccer simulator ever.stop play fifa is the same game as fifa 11 and is very easy to play children is like to play fifa i like to play pro evo pes i love FOX ENGINE

  7. Pes2014 is the best soccer game ever made in history cause konami imrove it so much there is new features and the best thing is the patch and I wish kinami to make in master league that we can costumise the new season kits and get new sponsers please…..konami do it I beg u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!