All Stadiums Greener Turf in PES 2014 Fix

– all the stadiums all weathers all times in one pack
– little more greener but not too much
– also unlocked stadiums included, that mean a total of 21 stadiums


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Bütün stadyumların bütün zamanları ve mevseimleri olarak eksiksik çimleri tek pakettedir.
Ayrıca kilitli diğer iki stadyumuda kapsar. Resimde sadece iki stadyumdan örenek verilmişdir hepsi aynı kalitededir.

Eski versiyonda unutulmuş iki stadyum çiminide ekledim hiç bir hata sorun yoktur artık..

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  1. Nice update. Only 1 problem maybe;;; I.m not sure. At old trafford (Night) the middle white line has a small greener turf than the other side.

    • I ve checked it it is not about me because only old traffords turfs patterns(other files that I didnt edit them) are too contrassed by konamis default..if you want you may delete the number st007 in my pitch folder and make trafford default only..

  2. yes but I didnt change or edit the files that hits the system like the other turf patches..just the color and I dont think ists about my patch I dont have a problem like this.try the same stadium at day witout my turfs please..

  3. i transformed my pes 6 into pes 2014, but stadiums still the same at before patching, which folder in kit server contain stadiums,thank you!