Simple Crowd/Staff Disabler Tool by sxsxsx [For PES 2014]

If you have any slow-down problem while playing match so you can get increase in-game performance with using this simple tool, especially for low-spec PC.


** This tool provides disable both of crowd and staff objects.

Usage: Open ‘Data\dt30.cpk’ and click Disable

* Works with only original game file (non-modified, non-rebuilded)
* Dont forget backup your dt30.cpk before using this tool.


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  1. I have a slow down when I play in the night mode, put in the day tine its very good, could you do something to make all matches played in the day time and disabled night time ( in cup and league mode ) please

  2. Hey dude, could you please make one that only disables staff or one the that reduces the amount of fans in the crowd. …. lovely mod…