PES 2014 Real Eyes Tutorial by lostpfg

I made this tutorial because some users asked me how to replace the default KONAMI eyes with custom ones.

1-Extract the following files from dt33.cpk.

PES 2014 Real Eyes Tutorial

2-Add the files files you previously extracted to your player folder.

3-Open your face.xml(or face_edithair.xml) file and add the following line

4-Unzlib and replace the eyeHi.mtl code with the following one.

5-Now edit the with your preferred image editor and make your new eye texture.

eyes pes 2014

!!Save your text always with a blank interpolated alpha channel

5-Now time to modify some of the remaining files we copied at step 2. Open and and give them a blank alpha channel.(as we did with

Save always with interpolated alpha channel

6-Edit and give it a black text.Save it with no alpha channel.

7-Remaining files and ingame with long ranged cameras), can be left untouched…

Note that expect other files obviously need to be edited once. Then you can use them with every player you edit.

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