PES 2014 Patch 1.02 – Requests ?

As you all know pes 2014 patch 1.02 was to be released few days ago with features like gameplay fixes, download DLC speed improved and was available only to Xbox 360. As of today online play on xbox 360 is still a problem, because of dlc broken, needs another fix, maybe patch 1.03 coming soon.

What do you want improved in new pes 2014 patch for xbox, ps3 or pc users ?

– faces, gameplay or… ? Leave a comment, line by line.
– one of the latest tweets from Adam_Bhatti

pes 2014 patch update 1.02

Update 16.10.2013 :

Konami Digital Entertainment BV has announced that it has found the source of the problem, which has affected the online elements of PES 2014 for Xbox 360, and anticipates it will be able to release a new patch that will resolve these issues shortly.

FCS are also working to resolve secondary problems users have experienced, including the need for a HDD unit to install the datapack, allowing users with a USB unit to now install the update and reducing the download times for all future PES 2014 data packs.

Konami sincerely apologises for the issues and the detrimental affect it has had on users’ enjoyment of PES 2014. The team is focused on finding a solution, and recommends users visit the below URL for updates.






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  1. i want a fix for speed and responsiveness, more second divisions like serie B
    more faces,more teams , third kits for more team if possible , a fix that lets the game recognize nvidia graphic processor and let you use it as the main processor , think like this i think.

  2. speed and responsiveness. shoots from the distance. goalies save powerfull top corners shoots but cant save low ball in canter of the goal.
    Licences and faces are not important because we have many patchamkers ;)


    1 – You have to fix fast back pass from defender to goalkeeper to avoid making own goals!!! Why are they so stupid with back pass??!!!

    2 – When having the ball, why don´t they run like hell??!! Always when I have the boll the defenders run faster!!

    3 – Defenders collide whith eachother all the time!!! Fix this!!!

    4 – There should be a crowd support option for pc version like xbox360!!!

    5 – National teams transfer option missing for pc version!!!

  4. I think 3 things should improve:

    1.goalkeeper reaction: when we send a long ball from both left and right side the goalkeeper doesn’t react well and in other meaning he doesn’t react or save the ball at all !!!

    2.faces: player face are really disgusting.player faces in pes 2013 were more real than pes 2014.

    3.stadiums: some dominant stadiums missed like santiago bernabeu , camp nou ,emirates stadium , etc.

  5. Compatibility with the controller vibration plug-in
    Ultra high-res faces for players with fake builds
    Official slides/animations of leagues in game
    All Stadiums!

  6. 1 Cursor change responsiveness
    2 AI responsiveness
    3 Keepers are weak with low/direct shots but amazing with top corner shots

    There’s a great game here but it has clearly been rushed/unfinished which is such a shame.I just hope Konami can sort this all out with a patch I really do.


  7. stadiums at least in the Spanish league as pro evolution soccer 2013 and those of the players a little bit to look like and not like vampires!! settings for the cameras too.

  8. je veut le kitserver 14 changer les visages de certain joueur avoir les stades Santiago Bernabeu et le Camp Nou et avoir les transfert a jour car il y en manque

  9. Who cares about faces, or team linups when you have PESEdit, Konami should just worry on gameplay, performance, bugs, etc

  10. Since KONAMI are releasing 1000 new faces with one of their DLC`s then better focus on gameplay. We already had some attempts to strengthen the power of the shots, and other things, but that`s a good start for you guys. Increasing the power of the shots, and the catch up bug…which is ridiculous, I know that players run slower when the ball is in their feet but come on…defenders get to them like they`re dropping dead. And

    • Im fealing you man, I play cracked version and get fustrated a lot times, a lot of bugs (goal keepers reaction players unaware of ball,… And I have more than minimum requrements but game stil going in slow motion from time to time, I just cant imagine my fustration if I paid for this.

  11. I discovered another bug, probably someone else has already noticed it but here it is. Either at the start of the match, the start of 2nd half or after scoring or conceding a goal, you start from the centre of the pitch, and start running forward not turning at all just a straight run towards the goal, if the team you play against is a weaker side you can run all the way to the opponents goal and score, with one player, no passing, no switching players, nothing which is a real down side, real PES fans don`t like cheating in game, rather a real football experience.

    • not just weaker teams any team actually when playing against the comp..sad reality..hoping the patch addresses this issue

  12. Have Intel Celeron dula core 2.5 Ghz, 4 Gb of RAM, GTS 450 512 Mb of DDR5 drivers updated and all (playing on low setings 1920×1080-lower resolution dont change anything), but game still laging and slow motioing (some people complaining for this and have quad cores and much batter hardware than Im) FIX THAT!!!!

  13. Solve bug problems.For example,when I enter the sixteen feet game lagged. When I Kick off a match the game lagged.I think the problem with the fans, because when I get to practice everything is fine.Sorry for the bad English.

  14. Level of details issue during gameplay.. Its very poor.. You could notice from the player entrance scene.. Even worse during gameplay.. Please look into this issue.. Thanks

  15. Edit the faces for the premier league teams,player id ! EPL licensed if you can,more real faces for team like,lfc,man utd,city,arsenal,chelsea !