PES 2014 Gameplay Patch Plugin For Fileloader by Jenkey1002

Gameplay changelog :
Improve gameplay exprience, increase shot power
Adjust dribble

Requirement :
You need to install lastest version of fileloader before using
Supports PES2014 version 1.01

How to install :
Extract everything to game folder, overwrite older file if existed.
Edit pes2014.ini and make sure gameplay plugin has been added in plugin list

dll = Lodmixer.dll
dll = Speeder.dll
dll = KitLoader.dll
dll = Controller.dll
dll = SongLoader.dll
dll = Faceloader.dll
dll = VideoLoader.dll
dll = Gameplay.dll

How to remove:
Delete Gameplay.dll in folder “Fileloader”

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  1. como si que editar pes2014.ini y hacer plugin de juego que se ha añadido en la lista de plugins expliquemen bien porfavor