How To Make GDB Kits Show In Edit Mode in PES 2014

Tutorial by Hawke

Hi. Before KitLoader was released we had to manually re-link kits by editing the kit bins…in order for the kits to show in edit mode they had to end with ..realUni. Now with KitLoader a lot of people have problems with kits not showing in edit mode..So i got to thinking what if we put a kit bin with the ID of a team from GDB folder in FileLoader would the kits then show in edit mode…the answer is yes.So config.txt sends the kit data BUT because we have a xx_DEF_1st_realUni.bin with the teams ID in FileLoader the kits will show in edit mode.Watch the Video below.This is very easy to do and if you have 20+ kits in GDB folder it shouldn’t take more than 5/10 mins to do this for all your teams.

watch How To Make GDB Kits Show In Edit Mode by Hawke video

NOTE: You can download already made kit bins HERE… just replace XX with Team ID

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