GOAL Editor PES 2014 (by GOAL)

I did an editor that I use to call-up national football teams players.

download GOAL Editor PES 2014

This Editor was made for call-up National team players, it is not a stats editor, only you can edit fake name on Unlicensed players, if unlicenced player has a Licensed duplicate player, you cant edit fake name, you would use his duplicate licensed player to register on national team.

Unlicensed players with lowercase characters in Name section are retired players, is not recommended change Name because I put complete name in some cases and they have long Real Name and PES 2014 only admits 22 max characters.

For edit stats , pes ingame editor is fine (for me) or we must wait for Wild@ editor and we will all be happy as it happened in the past :)


1 – decrypt Edit.bin file via Capry tool and you’ll get decrypted_Edit.bin
2 – via Goal editor open decrypted_Edit.bin
3 – rename LON BARRON in Roberto Baggio, I click Ok and after better option is you can choose “save as” and save it as EDIT.bin .
4 – encrypt “EDIT.bin” file via Capry tool and you’ll get encrypted_Edit.bin
5 – rename “encrypted_EDIT.bin” file into “EDIT.bin”
6 – open game again and check Roberto Baggio.

The problem is , I dont play with retired players, retired players have names in lowercase, and many of them exceeding the length of characters that the game allows. Sorry, is not recommended change name to retired players.

Download GOAL Editor PES 2014 :

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