[Gameplay Tool] PES F1X4R v1.1 by nesa24

download [PES 2014 Gameplay Tool] PES F1X4R v1.1 by nesa24

About tool
Tool changes gameplay of PES2014 [core of game]
It whas’nt planed to release but mates that try it and use it for some time suggested me to share

Whats changed?
Harder ball
More shoot power
Move ball fight
Removed catchup bug
Better attack/defence
Better connected animation
Faster animation
Beter response on commands
and more

What exe does it support:
1.00 and 1.01

For what patches?
For all

How to use?
**OPTIONAL:check boxes below Patch game for fix
Click PatchGame [below sign nesa24]
Close tool and run game normaly

How to remove?
Click RestoreGame [below sign KONAMI]
Close tool and run game

Program has soundbooster to boost sound of game
Sound booster button boostes it :walkman:
Restore Sound button restores

nesa24 – gameplay and tool
yair25 – soundbooster
Pes-Serbia Edit Tim – testing

–Fixed bugs with freekick and penalty
(reported by Diskriminator of forum in this post here.

Download PES F1X4R v1.1 by nesa24 :

uploaded mega zippyshare mediafire

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  1. doesnt work for me!! :((
    i runed the tool
    Clicked SELECT EXE
    chose pes 2014.exe
    it said exe version 1.10
    i press PatchGame and it stops working!!!

  2. “and more”. Is there a list of everything that you changed? Game plays amazingly. Most responsive i’ve had on pc, have you altered game speed at all?

    Absolutely fantastic work.

  3. I’ve just beat Chelsea with 3-0 by playing with Corinthians !!! Amazing new gameplay shooting !!! This gameplay patch is awesome !!! It works on Win 7×64, with PESEdit 0.2 and FileLoader 0.0.8

  4. This is actually amazing. PES had a lot of good things this year but unfortunately it came with a hell of a lot of faults, the game almost felt like a beta but with this patch it becomes a very decent football game.

    Well done!

  5. This looks amazing. It would be great if you let us choose which fixes apply and which not. For example I wouldn’t want to disable game’s antialiasing.

  6. help…i click on select exe,choose pes2014.exe but after i cant click on patch game…i can only click on select exe and exit option…plz help

  7. for all people crash application after select pes2014.exe, make sure the file not read-only (open properties, de-select read-only option) it would be fine.

  8. after i click on “select exe” and choose my pes2014.exe i cant click on “patch game” why? can someone help me?

  9. it is wonderful
    game play become more fast and real
    really thanks to you and hope to be continue with any update after 1.1

  10. can you change run of the player ( we want new run animation) becueas the game is bad . and player run so bad. we want run like fifa13

  11. let me tell u how can u make your pes better , deinstall pes 2014 and install pes 2013 , this game is awful , look of the main menu is like its pes 2008 and the graphics is really bad since its a new game but graphics and the look arent that imprtant but the gameplay and i wont even start about that i would need 1 hour to write whats not good , in pes 2013 only goalkeepers were bad , PEOPLE IF ITS A NEWER GAME DOESNT MEANS ITS BETTER

    • Stop being a crying baby. It is only bad because you are bad at it. Learn to play then you will see that 14 is far more superior than 13.

      • The goalkeepers are too good. I mean it’s a great improvement but scoring goals from outside the box is borderline impossible. Not to mention that for some reason Aron Lennon is incapable of outrunning low level defenders as well.

      • im not crying , do u see any tears here , im just saying some facts and can babies even write , im not good at it , i was not that good in pes 2013 but i liked it , only thing u think 2014 is better is because its a new game , like the guy below said goalkeepers in this game are robots they dont deflect the ball when i shoot from 30m ,they catch it , and yeah i run with a guy like ronaldo and suddenly 35year old puyol is faster than him , passing and iq of teammates is awful , only animations and physics are better in this game , but this is like im discussing with a 14 year old girl why justin bieber sucks

  12. this is really good thanks, but does anyone know how to fix the one short sock bug!? also on created kits, the shorts number becomes huge! otherwise it works great thanks

  13. Not bad. But:
    1. Passing game is so fast. For example: BAL, Chelsea – Arsenal – AI make so quickly pass – it’s not real. Please, make it just a little slow.
    2. AI defence looking some bad, because now easier to pick up the ball from AI defender.
    Keepers need to be adjusted.

  14. I wanted to change anything this year on gameplay, but gameplay this tool, it is really worth. Even after a few games you can clearly see the difference. Super many thanks.



  16. pls help me, when i press on PatchGame it’s not work, im pressing on that but nothing… Neso ako citas pomozi brate pritiskam na to ali nece kao da pritiskam u prazno :(

  17. This patch is crap. I had to reinstall the game to get rid of all the bugs and performance issues caused by this.

  18. This tool is good!. Some bug like the socks and some player animations. Finally cpu make fouls!!!! In “leyend” all my shots are perfect and goals (another bug). The cpu dont make always unreal “skills” !! Goalkepper are too slow.. I wait for the update :) (sorry for my englihs).

  19. For all who have problems with instalation this patch!!:

    -in properties change:

    1)”run this program on compatybility”- Windows XP Service PAck 3
    2)settings “run in 256 colors”
    3)”run for administrator”

    I was thinking and tried to doo this, and that’s work!!! :)

  20. For gods sake does anyone know how to fix the problem with not being able to click “patch”? Like seriously anyone?

    • click on the “open exe” and browse to ur exe folder then pick up pes 14.exe…the now go ahead to click patch

  21. And please stop writing untick read only in properties, or download the new netframe, or change the compability, etc. already try that and still not working, I think that the problem is with pes edit selector, I manage to patch somehow but not sure that worked. For pes edit version 2.2

    1.I choose first select.exe and browse to my crack file which I downloaded before from net, just choose it, not patch it!
    2.Then I choose select.exe again and browse to my game folder, and choose pes2014.exe file
    3. After that I could manage to press PatchGame window, and patch applied!

    But then I couldn’t start the game from pes edit selector, so I browse to pesedit/temp/PES2014ChooseExe and tick the 1.04 version but then I am not sure is that messing gameplay patch?(sorry for bad english)