Face Making Tutorial with FaceGen By A L I R 1 1 0 for PES 2014

Hi guys.

I’m back with a new tutorial. Creating a Face in FaceGen Application.

pes 2014 Face Making Tutorial

First of all,

Special thanks to

sxsxsx for face/hair tools

Jenkey for fileloader and PES File Explorer

and Mr TwistedLogic for facegen fix

sorry my bad eng language

download link :


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  1. Hi, i make some faces but i have a problem with a little preview (before enter to edit face). The little preview it´s different to a face in game or internal editor. Can you help me with that? sorry for my english! Thanks!

  2. what a piece of s*** , you can’t see anything or understand what the F he;s doing. If you gonna make a tutorial atleast explain what the hell you’re clicking there.