2014 Patch 0.1 2014 Patch 0.1 is the first version of the famous Patch for the new PES 2014 game. The new 2014 Patch 0.1 corrects kits, logos and names for Premier League teams, corrects many transfers and lineups and adds the latest PES 2014 Data Pack 1.0. 2014 Patch 0.1 a 2014 Patch 0.1 b 2014 Patch 0.1 c 2014 Patch 0.1 d 2014 Patch 0.1 e

Features 2014 Patch 0.1

Full Online compatibility
Correct kits for 19 Premier League teams (including 3rd kits) and some National teams
Includes PES 2014 Patch 1.01 and Data Pack 1.00
Fixed team names and emblems for Premier League and Liga ZON Sagres teams
Corrected player names for unlicensed National Teams (Algeria, Bosnia, Japan, Netherlands, United States etc.)
Fixed names and emblems for all competitions
Added 200+ missing transfers (Özil, Bale, Soldado etc.)
Fixed lineups for 50+ teams (Arsenal, Liverpool, Napoli etc.)

Download 2014 Patch 0.1 :

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  1. don´t waste your time, or less wait for Kitserver.
    Without any future official patches this PES still worse then 2013!
    I’m not speaking about ingame, but the edit menus are totally crap!

    KONAMI please pay for more teams, if you want to make this game a great job.
    PC users are very dissapointed on this game, and me too because i buy this game for nothing at all!

    Or less saves us with all UEFA Europa League and Champions League Teams in one Patch, that can solve my problem.

  2. Thruly fast and good, PESEDIT waw, unvweliable, perfect patch.THIS IS THE REAL PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2014, GREAT WORK PESEDIT.

  3. pls, why does these bitches cry that any fucking transfer is not yet inside the patch? – i didnt believe my eyes when i red these comments…
    for all of you: if you are bitching about 1 fucking player or some fucking transfer which is not yet in the patch… go fuck u self and dont download it or comment it…. !

  4. O patch está aqui, mas, onde eu baixo o jogo!, ninguém postou nada sobre o jogo, mas o patch sim?!, onde baixar o jogo?!,onde baixar o jogo?!, onde baixar o jogo?!, onde baixar o jogo?!, onde baixar o jogo?!, onde baixar o jogo?!, onde baixar o jogo?!, onde baixar o jogo?!, onde baixar o jogo?!, onde baixar o jogo?!,onde baixar o jogo?!,onde baixar o jogo?!,onde baixar o jogo?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. This is my first time trying to download a pes patch!Im a pro evo freak and i hate that players transfers and teams are not completed.can somebody guide me or give me a simple way how to do all this???

  6. Is there a version without the DLC and patch 1.01?
    I already downloaded and installed them so I only need kits and logos and transfers etc.

  7. my version is not the dvdripbut the downloaded version and i installed the downloaded version of pes2014 that’s just 2.64g i don’t know if this patch will work for it cos i tried many times to use other patches but its won’t load the option file or install the patch

  8. The patch is very good but is causing a bug in the master league online when you press Y (xbox joystick) to get the ball the player repeats the command. I’ve done the test without the patch and the bug finished. Thank you.

  9. gigel
    Generally, it’s the The dynamic library “rdl.dll” that is deleted by your anti viruses..then the game can’t load..!you must authorise that file..Search among all options of your anti viruses,you will find how to do..!
    Try using google for more help..!

  10. history of thoughts of this pes 2014: 1st game ( this game sucks ) next 5 games ( this could be interesting but still sucks) next 10 games ( this game is not that bad) before 15 games (this game is actually very real) before 20 games ( WOOWWW THIS GAME IS AMAZING LOOKS LIKE A REAL FOOTBALL GAME).

    PS: I use to play fifa 12 and 13 full manual. Even if we notice some bugs here and there PES 2014 is DAMN real..if you play manual and if you know how to use tactics and the right players and the right time…

  11. I have a problem. I do not know how to uninstall patch. I deleted the game and re-installed. But path is still there.