PES 2014 PS3 OF v1.0 by paul2478 (BLES/BLUS)

All unlicensed leagues and cups have been renamed and have emblems added (except the ISL). Some look a bit pixilated, but I will fix them up in future updates.

Premier League
All team names have been corrected and emblems added. Arsenal and Aston Villa have basic home, away & GK kits. I started them, but the dimensions have changed so in the next day or two when improved PNG’s are out I will improve them & add the remaining teams kits.

Liga Zon Sagres
All teams have been renamed and emblems added, kits will follow.

In game teams have been moved to the league.

National Teams
All duplicate players have been replaced in the unlicensed teams and all fake players have been renamed. Kits will come in future updates.

Classic Players
Not touched yet, but they will be used to create current players.

To follow…

Download Links :

v1.0 PS3 (BLES) Compatible with Data Pack v1.00 :

uploaded mega zippyshare mediafire

v1.0 PS3 (BLUS) Compatible with Data Pack v1.00 :

uploaded mega zippyshare mediafire

update :


Compatible with Data Pack v1.00



Compatible with Data Pack v1.00


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  1. Friend, I can help you edit the patch, I ride the uniforms PREMIER LEGUE and all transfers, and you ride the bundesliga and the creation of players.

  2. Hey man could please help me. I live in Canada and I don’t know which option file to use whether bles or blus. Thanks

  3. tengo la version blus pero cuando lo intalo me dice que no se puede cargar por que los datos son de versiones anteriores

  4. Hey Paul, the patch is not WORKING. I downloaded and installed in my USB and inserted into my PS3 nothing appeared on the screen I went to SAVE DATA UTILITY and all that I couldn’t find the files. I live in US and I have the BLES version. PLEASE HELP AND REPLY ASAP. Thanks

  5. Im here to help..
    If you already finish the data pack patch but nothing happen, just go on option, and then choose load, then the data pack will work.

  6. Hi Paul
    Barry here mate picked up on some small things mate if you not happy
    with this mate i will stop.
    i only play with national teams go SOCCER ROOS
    Here we go
    Austria & Belgium & Switz numbers overlapping on shorts
    Croatia home top the back should be red half way so you can see number & name
    Netherlands numbers drop just to match in home & away
    Poland drop numbers to fit in red band home jersey
    Slovakia Emblems to high on away jersey
    slovenia drop numbers down home & away.
    Im here to help paul.
    Cheers Barry Vic

    • Hi Paul
      I downloaded your patch on my mac and have transferred the doc to my usb stick. My ps3 won’t recognise. Am I doing something wrong? Please help.

      Thanks, Luke.

  7. The patch updates are nice, except for one flaw, and its a major flaw. after downloading v. 1.2 update, it reverts to fake emblems in the premier league. Worst still, epl kits are horribly wrong, in that manchester city’s away jersey is norwich’s home jersey and dortmund’s emblem is chelsea’s. Chelsea’s home kit is actually their away kit and some keeper in another team wears chelsea’s home blue jersey. The league emblems were also scrambled too in like manner, and this happens on both updates. Some national teams are licensed, but that barely makes up for any of the disheartning scramblings. Please paul when you see this, revise the updates!

  8. I installed patch on my ps3. It works there is a Bundesliga but without Borussia. How can i find bvb? Does this patch includes bvb? Do you have the same problem?

  9. hi

    How does the patch work? (pls dont laugh)
    Can i download directly to my PS3 or can it only work on my computer?
    do i still need to have the pes disc to enjoy the patch?
    If i download the patch on my system how do i install on my PS3.
    I warned you not to laugh didnt i?
    Thanks anyway


    • Just unzipped the files into a folder named PS3 then transfer that folder to a pen-drive and put it into the PS3 console, Then go to games on the main menu of PS3 and look for the USB drive open it and copy all the files.(USE SELECT ALL TO COPY IN JUST ONE STEP)

      First do this with version 1.0, then again with updated 1.1 and you’re ready

  10. Great Patch; I noticed that you will use some classic player to created current players, but are you left the most iconic ones as themselves.

    Looking forward to the new updated