PES 2014 Crowd Disabler [Tweak] by _anderson

Simple XML file(s) tweak that does what it says on the title I got a major performance boost at the expense of playing all matches behind closed doors with recordings played through the speakers.

Download Jenkey’s FileLoader version (FIXED, should be working correctly now):

Instructions: Just extract to the root of your PES folder. It uses Jenkey’s file loader, so if you want to get the crowd back, just delete all the folders from FileLoader\pes14_win_dat\common\bg\model\bg\audi\a rea (or the first folder without any content along that string.)

uploaded mega mirrorcreator zippyshare

CPK Version


1. Download Jenkey’s File Explorer from here.
2. Download only the files from CrowdDisabler here.
2. Rename your “dt30.cpk” to “dt30bak.cpk”.
3. Extract both anywhere and run Jenkey’s tool. Click “Open”, go to your PES2014 “Data” folder and open that file you just renamed.
4. Click on the button “Tools” and select “Import all files from folder”.
5. Select the folder “pes14_win_dat” you extracted from CrowdDisabler zip and click Ok. Wait until it says “Imported!” on the bottom of the program.
6. Click “Save As” and save as “dt30.cpk”.

When it’s done, it should work ingame.

pes 14 [Tweak]Crowd Disabler - FIXED pes 2014 [Tweak]Crowd Disabler - FIXED

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  1. First you have to download the jenkey’s file loader(follow the introduction there) and after that you have to extract the files

  2. This whole FileLoader doesn’t work for me at all. I’ve get 1.01 v of pes. Crowd is still in the game. :/…same sh*t with other patches which includes any logos and other stuff.

  3. You shouldn’t need to download jenkey’s loader, it’s already included, but it doesn’t seem to be working with everyone.

  4. Good job !!
    plz could you tell us where do we put this in the original games datas : dt00,dt01,…dt11 ????

  5. According to feedback from Jenkey’s loader thread, it should work with everyone, but I’ve noticed that, at least on my computer, the loader doesn’t work if you also use, for instance, SweetFX.

  6. I used this with PES2014 File Loader Full by Jenkey1002 putting the Crowd Disabler folder into the FileLoader folder and IT WORKS!

  7. @Samir how, my piays more as fifa than pro,any patch to change the game play.i also need the rar password for Hagi transfer patch thak u

  8. it worked finally >>.. just i was doing what you was write and delete the file loader … that enoutgh >… thanks from palestine

  9. reduce the crowd density or reslution could be a good idea too, instead to disable its, of course if theres a way to do it.

  10. can someone re-write the instruction more detail please
    because it not work and maybe i’m misrepresented the instruction
    thank you!!