MyPES14 Patch 1.1 [For PES 2014]

Today, we’ve done uploading the latest MyPES14 v1.1. Please make sure that you have the latest DirectX to run this patch. You can download this patch without downloading MyPES14 Patch 1.0.

MyPES14 Patch 1.1 contains :

  • New launcher
  • New font
  • New File Loader
  • New ref kit
  • New PES media
  • SweetFX setting
  • Updated cursor
  • New HD boots preview
  • New boots pack

All of this, Thanks To :

  • Jenkey1002
  • Nimar9
  • Hawke
  • Stahuuuu
  • Arsenal4Life
  • Ron69

Download MyPES14 Patch 1.1 [For PES 2014]:

Please visit: my blog.

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    • i dont redistribute your work, i’ll just download it, and put it in my patch without editing a single thing. and i put your name in the credit.

      • Ok, but you could ask me or at least tell me that you will use my mods in your patch. It’s not necessary to make patch like this when everyone can download couple of mods by himself. You didn’t even added your own preview, instead you used mine. Everyone could collect couple of mods and release it as a patch, without adding anything by himself.
        Just remove my mods from your patch.