Brighter and Greener Night mode Turfs by Skylark For PES 2014

before :

Brighter and Greener Night mode Turfs by Skylark before

after :

Brighter and Greener Night mode Turfs by Skylark after

original stadium :

Brighter and Greener Night mode Turfs by Skylark original

Instructions :

* just extract to “File Loader”

* i have used same files for every can edit for different stadiums separately easily with Photoshop.
Use jenkeys File explorer to open dds files.

* if you dont like it, just delete the ‘pitch’ folder inside File Loader –


* if you want to delete the effect for a particular stadium, delete the ‘st..’ folder inside pitch folder.
you want back Konami’s default turf for Allianze Arena, so delete ‘st011’ folder inside pitch –
FileLoader\pes14_win_dat\common\bg\model\bg\pitch\ st011

here is the stadiums file list –

st001 —— San Siro
st005 —— Wembley Stadium
st007 —— Old Trafford
st008 —— Estadio da Luz
st011 —— Allianz Arena
st012 —— Stade de France
st013 —— Royal London Stadium
st014 —— Estadio do Morumbi
st015 —— Estadio de Escorpiao
st016 —— Estadio Urbano Caldeira
st017 —— Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo
st020 —— Burg Stadium
st022 —— Juventus Stadium
st023 —— Saitama Stadium 2002
st025 —— King Fahd International Stadium
st027 —— El Monumental
st029 —— Konami Stadium
st030 —— Giuseppe Meazza

[i am not expert in editing.]


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  1. I need suuny daylight on all Stadiums PES 2013. Anyone knows what file do i need to edit in every stadium to have daylight. I removed shade from turfs, but audience and the shadow places remains 50% dark. TX