Messi vs FIFA 14 vs PES 2014 Face Comparison

messi vs fifa 14 vs pes 2014

Any comments ?

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  1. I like PES more than FIFA.I am a big fan of PES,and i am mad for PES 2014 DEMO relase date of DEMO is in September.But when i look at this picture i know that FIFA 14 faces are more real and they look better.

  2. @pesrules: are u sure? oke if u think so.. in this picture fifa use the next gen console with new engine ignite pes also have a new engine but in current gen console
    so if u compare next gen console(1080p) with current gen console(720p)and u think fifa better let see when it release or maybe when pes release pes2015 for PS4 or XBOX one
    i think in this picture pes still better and its not modded yet
    wait for pesedit team mod messi face :D