This is the option file for MATRIX stats for PESJP 3.09.
To use this please first install the last version of Jenkey patch for your PES.


– Updates 80+ permanent transfer upto 22/08/13. (Loan moves are not added)
– Correct stats for all players for PES 2013 version.
– Added 400 + callnames for players, either surname or first name.

Please extract and replace MATRIX file. And choose MATRIX in launcher to play.
Comments and Suggestions are welcome.

uploaded mega zippyshare mediafire

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  1. Romeu and Marin Still With Chelsea What a Bad Update I Hope You Complete All Transfer Included Loan Transfer Plz

  2. I have not completed loan deals because loan deal is like permanent in the game. If I put Marin in Sevilla, he will be in Sevilla and not return to Chelsea, right?

  3. Hi all!

    Some many transfers are outdated, and others are wrong (see R.Madrid, At.Madrid, Barca, Liga Adelante…). Very thanks for yout job, but its incomplete.

  4. please where put all folders tell me when put leags
    where put leagues map
    i replace some but not chang any