Update 4.4 Nemesis Total Revolution 2013 By Blàck&white

– Correct bug (resolved all problem of the face)
– Update the market
– Created new player
– Add new face
– New kit 2013/14(for the team that have presented the kit for the next season)
This is the last update of the Nemesis Total Revolution for PES2013,thanks at all, I’m very happy for the results of this patch and I Think that I make a patch for PES2014.
This is an update of the patch, before installing the update you must have installed Nemesis Total Revolution v4.0 + UPDATE4.1 + Update4.2 + Update 4.21 + update 4.3 + fix 4.31
1. Download the file(Zippyshare or Mega)
2. Extract the file
3.  Copy the Nemesiserver folder and the Selector tool.exe (that found within “Update 4.4 Nemesis Total Revolution” folder) within the patch folder so that it joins to that already present and you will be asked to replace some files, replace
4. Open the update folder(that found within “Update 4.4 Nemesis Total Revolution” folder)open the exe”Update” and click on “make the update”,after delete the exe “Update”

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