[PS3 UK] GTM / OPE PES 2013 Option File (BLES 01708)

[PS3 UK] GTM OPE PES 2013 Option File (BLES 01708)

Also compatible with all european versions of PES 2013

Version 1.01 Data Pack 2 compatible

contains 845 files.


2012-13 kits for every unlicensed team club and international including classics aka under 21 squads.

As usual created leagues are Bundesliga and N Power Championship.

All 19 unlicensed premier league teams stadiums created. Borussia Dortmunds Signal Iduna Park also makes an apearance.
All aboards are correct as of the weekend commencing 20th october and are actual designs seen at their stadiums. aslo debuting are new electronic look adborads along with metallic look stadium parts (see stamford bridge roof) i will be working on stadium ceiling parts for the 1.1 update.

All league and cup logos added and leagues structured meaning right competition balls and formats.

Fake / duplicate national players fixed.

Anzhi Makhachkala and FC Basel added (no players yet they will be in the 1.1 update)

1.0 does not contain N Power or bundesliga squads (with the exception of Borussia Dortmund) these will be in the next update also.

Classic teams will eventually become under 21 squads again, these will be done for next update.

This file contains an exclusive 3rd alternate png pack incase you fancy a change (see below for conditions on downloading this pack)


If you had the old 1.0 file you must first delete that file then install all konami data packs and updates then install the new 1.0 file (this one) if you didnt have the old file installed then just go ahead and install this one as normal.


All png’s / kits, stadiums, adboards, apearances etc by Glen the magpie (GTM) transfer information by AltySi.


feel free to post the download links to these files / updates on other sites and forums but you must use the link provided. Do not reproduce then distribute this work without permission and by permission i mean without asking me first. do not just simply disrtibute these files claiming them to be your own. Do not export teams either no conditions i simply dont want it done.it is very easy to determine wether the work has been stolen…show a little class. thanks

3rd / alternate PNG pack.

please use these PNG’s as you desire but do not post them on the web claiming them as your own or distribute them without giving credit to glen the magpie or GTM.

GTM / team OPE.


Contains 41 files.


Full N-Power chamionship, Bundesliga, Anzhi and Basel squads. All playres that have been created given correct boot types / accessories.

National under 21 squads replace classic national teams.

More players added to Premier league squads.

All loans transfers up untill day of release done.

Master league / ML new face european players or Master league youth squad players edited and are now real life youth players from across europe.

More stadium parts / Adboards added.

A few kit fixes.


All kits by GTM. Created players by GTM. Stadium parts and Adboards by GTM. Player / transfer info and youth player info by AltySi.


Contains 88 files.

konami 1.02 update compatible.


More stadium parts, mainly ceilings and one or two new ad boards.

Loads of new players added, reserves / youth players and the inclusion of Mrs Beckham and Henry.

In keeping with the new UEFA ruling stating “all sock tape worn must match the color of the stocking” or socks to us, i have removed all sock tape from premier league players to give the illusion of matching sock tape. all other players will be done as i go through each league and these will be inclluded in further updates. Click here for UEFA rules.

All transfers up until day of release done.

A few kit updates including Borussia Dortmund’s winter / Christmas home kit, this will be changed back after the Christmas period.

All Premier league, Bundesliga and N-Power championship players have correct boot brand or color Other leagues will be done in further updates.

All N-Power championship teams given a named stadium, other teams will be given homes in further updates.

All classic players are now gone and have been replaced by the above mentioned players. As stated this file is based on the present day game so if classics are your thing this isn’t the file for you.


To access the new players you will need to start Master league again and turn classic players on.


All kits, created players, stadium parts / ad boards and player appearances by GTM. Player / transfer info and youth player info by AltySi.



All january transfers including in game and not in game players have been done.

Players believed to be removed in Konami’s next update have been base copied.

100’s of preset faces re-linked, click here for a few previews.

Every and i mean ‘EVERY’ player now has correct boot type or in the case of their boots not in game they have been given correct boot colour.

All sock tape has been removed in keeping with the new UEFA ruling stating “all sock tape worn must match the color of the stocking” or socks to us, i have removed all sock tape from all players to give the illusion of matching sock tape. Click here for UEFA rules.

Players accessories updated and in some cases hair has been updated.

Any new kits released have been updated including swedens new adidas kits. yes i know sweden are licensed but i worked my magic lol.

Shirt numbers and names have been resized an repositioned to match the actual shirts.

National chest numbers have been repositioned, meaning teams like russia and the usa have their chest numbers now on the left hand side.

Shorts numbers have been raised for teams who would have a kit makers logo underneath the number. for example arsenal have a nike logo on their shorts in real life and then the shorts number above it. there may not be shorts logos in game but i raised the number as if there was one underneath it, what can i say im a perfectionist.

Africa cup of nations teams kits updated where needed.

Hidden master league teams are now rubin kazan, lokomotiv moscow, bate borisov, videoton fc and hapoel tel aviv. ive switched teams around in other european teams so 4 of these teams now show up in master league, the other two are in other european teams. teams that are locked in master league mode cannot be chosen for exhibition matches or edited.

New stadium adboards added including the new nike mercurial and adidas f50 adboards.

Under 21 teams are actually called under 21 teams now meaning classic england are now called england u21 and the same for the rest.

England, france, germany and italy under 21 teams now have licensed kits like their main counterparts.

Every team both club and national have been given a named home stadium except the premier league clubs and borussia dortmund who already have created stadiums.


Do not change the colour of or attempt to move the squad numbers that have been re-positioned, it will reset them to their original size and position.

Due to the influx of stolen option files being stolen and sold i have added elements i know full well no one else has added, one of which cannot be identified in game at all. The only way it can be found is if the data.bin is decrypted and even then only i know what it is so good luck to all theives trying to deny its been stolen.


As usual all kits, adboards, stats, aprearances etc done by Glen The Magpie.
Thanks to 7oy for help with the new extra ML squads.
extra big thanks to W!ld@ for the creation of the pes editor.
Big thanks to AltySi on the immense transfers work.




DLC 4 compatible.

Rosenborg BK and Steaua Bucharesti added replacing hapoel and videoton.

More transfers added (loans and loan returns etc) big thanks to AltySi for the work on these.

Players updated with new boots added in konamis DLC 4.

New kits added including USA centennial home kit.

More reserve and youth players added.

More preset faces re-linked.

National, club, cup and player names no longer all in caps and are now lower case.

Team tactics implemented by myself and klashman.

And ofcourse this update will fix anything messed up by the latest DLC.


DLC 4 must be installed before installing this update.




Name fixes for players whos names had reverted back to their fake version.

More players boots updated.

More transfers added and new players created.

New adidas f50 adboards for stamford bridge.




Fixes squads and players messed up by data pack 5.

All 13/14 kits that have been officially released so far have been added.

new ad boards included.

More transfers added up until day of this update release.

More player accessories updated.

*important note please read*

Due to the issue of the data pack 5 messing up squads etc the fix that was found for some reason changed all the team names in the 2013 copa libertadores mode to Austria there is no apparent fix as of yet but a poll was taken as to whether this would be an issue with users. the response was unanimous and all agreed that it wasn’t important. now if this is an issue for you do not install this update.




Data pack 6 fix. All errors caused by installing data pack six, mixed up squads and formations etc are now fixed.

Large number of transfers in game and not in game players as recent as a few days prior to the release of this update. this is not final more transfers will be done and included in future updates.

2013/14 kits included for a number of teams including teams that were licensed! this includes Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSV, European champions Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain to name just a few.

New emblems added for Bolton, Crystal Palace, Monaco and everton.

New teams have been added these are burnley, Ipswich, Hertha Berlin, Eintracht Braunschweig and AS Monaco.

More youth / reserve players added to squads.

All transfer information provided by @AltySi




More transfers up untill 18th june. Includes ALL transfers in game and not in game players.

More youth / reserve players added to squads.

More 13/14 kits added including updated licensed teams, sevilla for example.

Cardiff city stadium, KC stadium and Selhurst park added replacing the grounds of the premier league teams that were relegated.

Relegated premier league teams given lookalike in game stadium with stadium name.

New adboards.

All transfer information provided by @AltySi

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  1. Really good work on the option file, was looking for an option file with the classic teams but the under 21 is a very good call really like it. I was wondering if anyone could make Celtic’s stadium or if there is 1 could you send me the link cheers.

  2. I would like someone to explain to me if that is posible. I had two PES2013 cd’s, one is BLES01746 and the other is BLES01709. Both ver is european. I can not install this OF neither on BLES01746 or BLES01709 and there is ”Also compatible with all european versions of PES 2013”?

    Just to let you know that I followed every suggestion for install.

  3. Hi friends

    I have a PS3 slim 160 GB. Have been playing PES since 2008. I don’t know how to apply these patches. Please direct me to appropriate guidelines/tutorial.