[PES 2013 Gameplay Tool] Modern PES v1.0.0.0 by nesa24

After making 4 gameplay patches for NBA2K13 i have decided to release to public new gameplay.

[PES 2013 Gameplay Tool] Modern PES v1.0.0.0 by nesa24

Run Tool
Click Select Exe (pes2013.exe)
Click Make Modern
Close Tool and play with new exe (pes2013 with nesa24 Gameplay.exe)

Complete change in gameplay (speed, animations, teamwork, AI…)

How to remove:
Just delete created file (pes2013 with nesa24 Gameplay.exe)

ONLY FOR PES2013 1.04.

uploaded mega zippyshare mediafire

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  1. Hagi Adrian I am impressed, i have no words. The best game-play patch ever played. Top players really play like top of the world and their teams too. AI against computer is as it should be by KONAMI. Keep up the good work.

  2. After playing some matches the only “flaw” is passing that needs some re-adjustments. Passing and the feeling of it is more difficult and more “inaccurate” (the ball sometimes does not follow my command) compared to what it should be. Some remarks only to make it as perfect as possible.