CR7 face by KimRegi

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  1. in map.txt find real Madrid
    4522, “Liga BBVA\Real Madrid\Ronaldo_face.bin”,”Liga BBVA\Real Madrid\Ronaldo_hair.bin”
    face move to kitserver\gdb\faces\liga BBWA\real madrid\

  2. I have changed the face/hair of ronaldo as always i did, but when I enter the game and I see the same style of hair before …. no changes,,, please any helpme

  3. i resolved the problem… the quatation marks are different to the ivan98 saids… (4522, “Liga BBVA\Real Madrid\Ronaldo_face.bin”,”Liga BBVA\Real Madrid\Ronaldo_hair.bin”)!!!

  4. i use pesedit v5 patch. i copied the files in kitserver13>gdb>Ligabbva>realmadrid bt the face remains older