Hello everyone!
For a month we have sticky this post. What is it about ?
We made some changes and some of you or patch makers maybe are interested…


– are you a patchmaker ? If you want you can Submit your Patch HERE.

new: you have option for us : allow to mirror or not. (option is yes or no, simple as that! just say it)

– from this day on IF you send us your patch first and you don’t want us to mirror your files is fine.

– if you release over internet and think to post here too after few days, you may be too late. Use search, your patch may be already here and there is no point in making another post with the same content. The best thing would be to post to us as soon as you post to your homepage or forum.

– what we ask kindly will be this : add more mirrors by yourself, if you don’t want us to mirror. Lately, filehosts are in hard times, some of them are down, take example filesonic, wupload, jumbofiles, megaupload… they are down now… by adding mirrors you have more chances that your patches will be online for years. Note : we don’t host any patch on site, we link to them.

– another reason why we mirror ? Take example mediafire : they block now passworded files. How many of you are having this way files down or blocked ? All. Mirrors are needed.

some good mirrors for you to choose : uploaded, rapidgator, mega, zippyshare, filecloud, mirrorcreator, uploadseeds, rapidhare, 4shared, sendspace, gett, bayfiles… and more.

if you want to put adf.ly, linkbucks, adv.li or others just keep in mind, if they are down too someday your file is gone, even if you uploaded on mega, zippyshare or else. Add an adfly for example, but add also other mirrors without lockers. 2 mirrors are recommended or more if you have the time and will.

– are you a visitor ? leave a feedback or a mirror in comment. Note : spam is detected and deleted automatically by the sistem. We receive 100’s of spam messaged daily and can’t moderate them all, some comments are mistakenly deleted by automated sistem if your IP is detected as a spam IP/site.

do you want to be a contributor here and help ? add patches around the world but remember to credit them correctly! Remember : search before! Some of you just repost things already posted behind content lockers site like adfly. This is waste of time from you… Posts received will be deleted.

all content received is moderated and approved in few minutes, hours by our moderators behind.

do you want to post your homepage link ? When creating an account here, go to your profile page and add there your description, homepage/website/blog, picture, facebook, twitter, google plus account. So people will connect to you easily, make more friends and send you messages.

to make your picture show in profile do this : register on gravatar.com with the same! email you used when you registered on pes-patch.com (not other email, remember). Upload your profile picture and so, your picture from gravatar will show in your profile picture on pes patch site. Or go to Dashboard / Your Profile / Photo URL and add your photo there. Also there is where you can add :

– your Facebook ID
– your Twitter
– your Google +

– when archiving your patch, add a shortcut or readme inside promoting your site/blog if you have one. Just note that adding as a download link to a patch a direct link just to your site may be moderated and replaced with actual download links from your site (or maybe leave it like that and add mirror in first comment, yet not now). This is why we recommend you if you have a site, add it in your profile description. This will be shown below your post anyway. Why still this ? Well, if your site/blog is down, what download links will be available for our visitors ? None.

– register on our pes forum, make your own thread and when sending a patch to our site post a link to your forum thread too. Connect  the site to forum. Private messaging is available there if needed.

why posting here too ? another site means another place where people can see your work online !

* TRANSLATE with : http://translate.google.com/

* feedback, comments, suggestions ? Send us an EMAIL.
* we will update this info next days, if needed.