Pes 2013 Chronometer Tool Beta by Pescato

Pes 2013 Chronometer Tool Beta by Pescato

What is it?
PES2013 Chronometer Tool is a small utility that reads the internal clock from PES 2013 working memory, converts it in hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds format and displays it on a transparent window. This mod was created in association with the “PES Mapped Turf” to allow in-depth analysis of players and ball movements and speeds during game and replay.

How it works
1. Start PES 2013 in windowed mode (or simply press the Win key after the game is launched).
2. Start the Chronometer Tool
3. Click on “Attach to PES 2013”. The window should turn transparent and game time should be displayed.
4. To read the time value you can bring to front the Chronometer Tool window (PES will continue to
accept joypad commands), or minimize it and watch for the taskbar icon title.

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· What’s the difference between match time and internal clock time displayed on the Chronometer
The “official” match time on PES 2013 depends on the match length setting and runs faster as the
real length decreases. On the other hand, the Chronometer Tool displays the internal clock used by
the game engine for calculating dynamics, so that’s the “real” game time.
· Where can I ask for support / changes?
The author is contributing to the PSD – Pes Stats Database project, browse the forum and there
you’ll find the right topic.
· How does game speed (-2…+2) affect clock?
The game speed setting has no effect on time displayed by the Chronometer Tool. This settings is
only used to “accelerate” game and players physics, so I suggest to set it on “0” when using
Chronometer Tool for making measurements.
· Why can’t I play in fullscreen mode?
This tool is still under development. Hooking DirectX functions to display the clock in-game requires
a lot of work, so please be patient and wait for next release…
· I click on “Attach to PES 2013” but nothing happens.
Launch PES 2013 before attaching. If no joy, may be you’re using an unsupported platform or
pes2013.exe version.

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