EDGE magazine Details of PES 2014 :

1 – Motor based on Fox Engine, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros.

2 – Motor referred to as “New Engine”.

3 – New physics engine uses “Baricentro Physical”. This causes different parts of the player’s body have different weights.

4 – Collisions between players are similar to those of FIFA.

5 – The collision impact strength depends on which part of the player’s body is reached.

6 – Team game’s developer is focusing on “photo-realism” for ultra realistic graphics.

7 – A close up of the face of a Japanese player in EDGE shows the skin pores and detailed individual eyebrows.

8 – Shirts are “separate” from the body of the player.

9 – Shirts are “wrinkled” when there are jerks and physical contact.

10 – Ball greater control range is 3 times higher than the current generation, providing more contests without the ball, while the legs of the player attempts to gain control of the ball.

11 – You can set a player for “zone”. This allows a player to be able to move a small area of ​​the field.