PESJP Patch 2013 Update Gameplay Tool 3.34

PESJP Patch 2013 Update Gameplay Tool 3.34

PESJP Patch 2013 Update Gameplay Tool 3.34 Full (04-18) by jenkey1002

New features :

- Ball switcher
- Sleeve badge server : correct sleeve badge for all league & competition
- Graphic exchange : for modifying render functions calls of the games and applying additional effects (ex : HDR, Bloom, Sharpening, AA, blur motion, … ).

Change log :

Included fix 4 for version 3.09 (for latest patch installation you need v3.05 + v3.09 + this update)
Fixed stadiumserver doesn’t show preview
Fixed get crashes in Jleague mode
Fixed kit for Cerezo Osaka, Milan
Fixed issue kitserver doesn’t work correctly
Fixed some corrupted faces
Added 9 new balls : Cafusa, Golty Fusion, …
Added 3 new scoreboards
Added 10 team’s adboards
Update gameplay tool from 3.31 to 3.34
Update stadiumserver now supports generic adboard for each league.
Fixed euro adboard, homeground function for stadiumserver
Update leagueserver use generic ball & generic referee uniform in FL’s training match.
Fixed replay logo bug for leagueserver

PESJP Patch 2013 Update Gameplay Tool 3.34 :

Requirement : PESJP Patch 2013 3.05 AIO + Update 3.09

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