PES Menu Image Converter 1.1 by Fabim Galoucura

This program allows the user to convert normal menu image files,
to Konami format (PES 2010, PES 2011, PES 2012, PES 2013).

1) Create your menu picture (Original Size 1280×722) and save it as .bmp format.
2) Rename it to menu.bmp, then press save in the program folder.
3) Start ImgConvertor1.1.exe, then the new image will be created.
4) Insert the image in unnamed_78.bin inside the dt06.img folder and paste it to
KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 2013/kitserver13/(example root)/img/dt06.img
(If unnamed_78 does not exist, export it from dt06.img)

* this was already shared here, nothing new.
* now, create some menus and show them here ;)

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