PES 2013 Stamford Bridge Stadium by wisnufris

copy dt07.img folder to img folder in kitserver..
enjoy it.. :)

Credit to :
– Sxsxsx best ever tool
– mexjapp
– cui ruby
– kimtore
– …

Replaces Bristol Mary Stadium.

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  1. Beautiful stadium! Please finish this awesome work and make day/rain, night/fine, night/rain because this is one of the best works for PES 2013, and surely the best Stamford Bridge stadium i have ever seen so far! It’s beautiful

    Only 1 bug found till now… the blue roof glass texture on the main stand is missing in some corners of the roof. And the turf should be replaced, that plain green turf is to unreal.

    But other than that, fantastic work! Congratulations for your effort! It’s superbe!

    Please make full playable stadium for day/rain night/fine and night/rain modes… winter too! Good Work!

  2. The BEST STADIUM CREATED EVER … AWESOME stunning Work…every thing is realistic … every this is working greatly …. I love your work … but you made me sad when you did not finish this fantastic stadium .. you should work with KONAMI. :) thank you