PES 2013 Patch 1.04 Download

In order to update your copy of Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, please obtain the update file.For details on the update and its content, visit

**IMPORTANT** There are separate update files for the DVD Version and the Download Version. Please make sure to select the correct file, and please note that you will need to close “Pro Evolution Soccer 2013” before applying the update file.

Details of patch 1.04 :

* Fixes intorduced to rectify the below issues:
– Master League Online
– When users start a match with their goalkeeper out of contract, they will start the match with 10 men as opposed to 11.
* Other adjustments have been made to make all modes a better gaming experience for our customers.

DVD Version Update File:

Download Version Update File: PES2013_Patch1_04.exe

* Latest Data Pack (DP 5.0) to use with this lates patch is here : PES 2013 DLC 5.00.

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  1. Is there update for patch 1.04 and DLC 5 coming soon ? I don’t have original dvd (bought just serial) so I cannot play without no dvd or no blur fix for newest official konami update

  2. I installed the download version update and my pes stop to work … i cannot enter the gameeee .. please help!

  3. cuando instalo la versión DVD me pide que inserte el cd,cuando instalo la versión descarga me dice que lo actualizacion realmente no se realiza

  4. I have my own cd-key, but no cd, I was able to play PES2013 v.1.03 online with no problem. Now in this new v.1.04 I cant event start the game. We need a No CD patch for PES 2013 v.1.04!! Otherwise everyone who has cd-keys and doesnt want to play with a cd….cant play online!!

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  6. it gives me errors in updating,i have the DLC data pack 6.00 and the current patch is V1 and i cant update the patch V1.4 so what should i do please?

  7. i ve never ever installed an option file .. and my latest update pn my pes is data pack 6 1.04…i ve downloaded the latest option file i did like the steps copying them on usb ..but still not working..could u help me

  8. i wnt to download and installed pes2013 patch pls were cn i download it…………………………..???????????????????????

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