PesPatchID 2013 1.5 AIO


• Standalone Patch.
• Add AFC Champions League replace Copa Libertadores.
• Leagues: Added Bundesliga, Indonesian Super League.
• 2nd Division: Indonesian Fantasy Premier League, 2. Bundesliga, Liga Adelante, Npower Championship, Serie B, Ligue 2, Eestre Divisie, Liga Orangina.
• Added other teams (Classic Player 1, Classic Player 2, Youth Team A, B C, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Classic Indonesia)
• Add Stadium Gelora Bung Karno (Indonesia)
• Correct kits for all Premier League, Liga ZON Sagres Classic Teams
• Corrected names for fake players in unlicensed
• Faces: Add some Indonesian Player face
• Includes newest DLC 3.0 game version 1.03
• Scoreboard and stadium switch in Gameplay Tools by Jenkey1002
• Removed blur.
• Add-on: boots, Adboards, Chants, Banners, Balls.

1. Extract PPID 2013 1.5 AI0
2. Double click setup.exe to install Patch.
3. Select your Operating System, click next
4. Install PPID 2013 1.5 AI0 to Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 directory.
5. Start the game via ‘PESPatchID 2013 1.5 Laucher on Desktop.

NB: Please read the file “Readme.pdf”, before installing patch.

Download PesPatchID 2013 1.5 AIO :





PesPatchID 2013 1.5 FAQ

Q: “Patch is not working. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is not installed”
A: Solution: Make sure you are using original game and not OTHER KIND.

Q: “Can I play online with PesPatchID?”
A: No, For currently patch can not be played online

Q: “Where i can find PesPatchID Kitserver folder?”
A: PesPatchID kitserver folder are in the directory KONAMI \ Pro Evolution soccer 2013 \ PesPatchID 1.5. the kitserver folder named “PesPatch-ID”.

Q: “How to change scoreboard at PesPatchID (Gameplay tool by jenkey1002)?”
A: see this video [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Q: “How to add a new chant into the patch?”
A: Solution:
1. Chant files must be formatted unnamed_1, unnamed_2 and so on.
2. Copy-paste into GDB\chant \”select league”\”create new folder the team”.
3. Fill in file map.txt with the format “ID” = “location chant” ex: 2484 = EPL\Chelsea.
4. Save.

• Thanks to : Jenkey1002,, Wikipedia, Dunksuriya & G1SL Team.
• PesPatchID Team Patcher:
Kits : Kata Dhika, FaryCihuy, ginda01, tedixs_bx, Rizki_2F
Faces : Muhammad Abbiyu, eggyTV, Rizki_2F
Database : Rizki_2F & Dunksuriya.
Banner : RizkI_2f
• Additional Patcher:
Kits : PESEDIT Team, Tasci, Tottimas, Ayiep, Cuky, Ikaru111, RAM’Z_50, Ardhy Child, Metay, Billy.D04nk5, Diablos, mb_force.
Faces : sony doni & Rachmad Abriant.
Scoreboards: KO, Taxk, Genko, Lupkas1234, KO, CAMPNOU, kmargo, hamid2OOO, 1002MB, DynamoForever, Palee74, Ron69, Denizimo, Darkander, vmrios, radeqq81, raito_kun.
Stadiums : Kornetbeef
Chants : GianRiksa, Secun1972.
who has participated as a team patcher: Luqman007, kevinfatli, ardyan aremania, Rianwartok, Red_Flash.
If we missed you in the credits, please message us!

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  1. hi! i’ve downloaded the previous version of your patch, and i’d say this is the best patch ever since it focuses not only in europian but also in asian teams. i am currently downloading your new patch.. i just want to ask if kits and rosters are already updated in this patch?? plus the DLC 4.0 which was just released; and can you add the United Football League (Philippines) on your next patch? Thanks!! üü

  2. persiwa bajunya masi salah beberapa pemain arema dan bepe ko eror gtu kyak silver surfer, gimana benerinnya gan?.. overall kereennnn

  3. sad to say, i am disappointed with this new patch. version 1.0 was waaay too better than this.. sorry. i am sticking to the old version. even the asian teams were removed. please if you do patches, you upgrade not downgrade. thanks