PES 2013 Stadium Files Renamer by arianos10

PES 2013 Stadium Files Renamer by arianos10

How to use it:
For now you can rename/copy, either all files in a directory (you MUST be sure that the directory contains either only one stadium’s files or stadium files that have a standard prefix in their name), or to select manually whatever file you want to rename.

Step1: Select Directory or Manual Files
(In case of a prefix in the directory option, enter the prefix first)
Step2: Select Target Stadium
(The program detects the stadium that your files belong and strikes them out)
Step3: Select new prefix (If nothing is entered then the new files will have an “unnamed_” prefix
Step4: Select wether you want to copy or just to rename your files. If you have the “Keep Files” checkbox checked then the files will be copied to the same directory with the new names. If you keep it unchecked then the files will be renamed.
Step5: Press the big button ;)


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