PES 2013 Stadium Files Renamer v0.2a by arianos10

PES 2013 SFR v0.2a by arianos10

How to use it:
For now you can rename/copy, either all files in a directory (you MUST be sure that the directory contains either only one stadium’s files or stadium files that have a standard prefix in their name), or to select manually whatever file you want to rename.
Prefixes may not work correctly with 0.2a. For now you have to keep your files seperated. I’ll post a fixed version as soon as i can.

Simple Kitserver to Kitserver convertion:

Step1: Select Directory or Manual Files (In case of a prefix in the directory option, enter the prefix first)

Step2: Select Target Stadium
(The program detects the stadium that your files belong and strikes them out)
Step3: I’ve implemented two new buttons, file check and stadium availability. The first one strikes out with red what stadium your files belong to. The second one, strikes out the stadiums that your stadium does not fit to.
Step4: Select new prefix (If nothing is entered then the new files will have an “unnamed_” prefix
Step5: Select wether you want to copy or just to rename your files. If you have the “Keep Files” checkbox checked then the files will be copied to the same directory with the new names. If you keep it unchecked then the files will be renamed.
Step6: Press the Rename/Copy button

Stadium Server to Kitserver convertion:

Step1: Select Directory of the stadium (Make sure it contains the day-fine,day-rain, etc files)
Step2: Select Stadium from the list to convert (For now you have to check yourselves if it fits the slot. You’ll understand that the stadium doesn’t fit because it will crash. I am working on a checking routine here too ^^)
Step3: Select desired prefix for the new files in the first textbox.
Step4: Press the Stadium Server to Kitserver button

Kitserver to Stadium Server convertion:

Step1: Select Directory of the stadium files or select manually all the stadium files.
Step3: Select a Name for your Stadium in the second textbox.
Step3: Press the Kitserver to Stadium Server button

Links PES 2013 SFR v0.2a :

Waiting for error feedback to fix every possible problem that i have missed. The program is still in the very early stages of development.

Please be very careful, with your files. Make sure to backup them first.

Credits to Tse for the application icon


0.1a kitserver to kitserver convertion


added stadium server funcionalities and file checking for kitserver conversions

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