[PES 2013 PS2 OPTION FILE] BuLiCLuB 2013

This year I decided to not create a BuLiCLuB because need a lot of time to do it. But the will to play a match against Italian Serie Bwin, or a complete Champions League, or a Bundesliga Championship, changed my opinion.

[PES 2013 PS2 OPTION FILE] BuLiCLuB 2013

What’s in:

– Premier League, Liga, Serie A TIM, Serie Bwin, La Liga, Bundesliga
– Edited kits for Premier, Serie B, Bundesliga, missing Champions League, not licensed national teams
– Updated database to 15/03/2013, with real formations, kickers, captains, numbers and tactics
– Top Team from Eredivisie e Ligue 1 now in other UEFA

FAQ, in italian language it has the same sound…

– Can I play a complete italian Serie Bwin?
– Yes and not. Unfortunately Konami limits his championship to 20 teams, the Bwin has 22, so Virtus Lanciano e Pro Vercelli substitute Pes e WE United. If you’ll create a Konami champioship, you could insert your favorite team.
– Champions League is complete?
– Yes and not. To have it you must choose teams from Championship and not from Champions League Teams (e.g. PSG is not in Ligue 1, is not in CL but you can find it in Other)
– Where did you find stats, above all for serie Bwin players?
– Basically I converted Football Manager values, sometimes decrising when unreal
– Is it for the original or patched game?
– This OF is good for the original game and for patch that don’t contains kit relinks.


– Kratos for some logos, many Premier kits, Bundesliga, missing Champions teams
– Pipe (aka Abraham) for the conversion of PES 2011, PES2012 and BuLiCLuB 2012
– ][Alex][ for the creation of save-file BuLiCLuB 2012 over 2013
– Rocky085 e Ispanico235 helpers and co-creators of BuLiCLuB 2012
– D4V0R and its usefull editor


The only BUG that I know regards the competition names. Don’t change them or you could make a freezable option file.

All-in-one LINK DOWNLOAD (max, xps, npo, bin/cue)

This is only for Italian – Greek version. If you need other language, you have just to open your original option file using Davor’s editor and this one as OF2, then import all over yours (last editor tab).

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  1. thank you very much guyz…!!
    but how can I convert it’s file to (.bin) file so that I can import it via GGS..?? thanks again!