PES 2013 GDB Kit Import Tutorial with kitserver by Chris

This is a tutorial about importing a kit in PES 2013.

Kitserver by juce, and Robbie
PES 2013 Editor 2.0 by wild@

Import a kit with kitserver:

At first you have to download the kit you want to import in PES 2013. In this case we want to import the 2012/13 kit of Everton FC. Download the Everton FC Kit by Cuky here.

If you downloaded the files, extract them and copy them to “[Your PES 2013 install directory]\kitserver13\GDB\uni\Club\Premier League\Everton”.

(If this folder doesn’t exist, create it). Go to “[Your PES 2013 install directory]\kitserver13\GDB\uni” and open map.txt.

If the line 177, “Club\Premier League\Everton” does not exist write it down under #Premier League.

177 is the team ID which can be found in PES 2013 Editor by wild@ (picture):

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