PES 2013 Female Player Model by Zimon

PES 2013 Female Player Model by Zimon

how to use:

1. copy and paste unnamed_1.bin & unnamed_129.bin to dt0c.img in kitserver
2. choose your team, open config.txt in gdb-uni in kitserver (pa,pb,ga,gb)

set model = 0, save

3. play your women PES team :P

enjoy :D

pass: zimonimut

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  1. Nice Idea, but a Replacement for all Men’s Faces would be impossible. You also have to discuss about stats and create new kits for new teams. you have to change league’s structures from Quantity of teams. There are just four to five National team worth to play like Japan, Germany, France or the USA.
    The whole Project is impossible and not worth in View of a new Release of PES 2014 this Autumn/Winter who would make all work for the birds (für die Katz)