New Gameplay 3.00 Limited Edition By Jenkey1002 Uploaded By Hamadakakos

Information :

– New feature kit switcher – allow to use extra kits
– New option HD supporter : improve quality of supporter texture (from 64×128 to 512×1024 or b igger)
-Update referee uni switcher to unlimited slot
– New chantserver : remake version

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Note :

Staduimserver not worked

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  1. This is FAKE.

    I had to check the chantserver and is equal to the original version. There was nothing changed.

  2. This is to all who use the Jenkey Gameplay tool only and not the patch. I’ve been using the pes edit patch for 3 years now, the Jenkey G.P. tool always made the game cooler. Then I thought, he is the person that makes the kitserver that is used by all the other patches, so why not try his patch. I did not want to start a fresh ML or BAL so I did not try the patch. Then I saw the kit switcher and he is not making the tool stand alone anymore. I had to try it, its like playing a brand new version of the game. I can’t get enough of it. I no longer use the pes edit patc.