Mega Armpes 2013 v2.0

– League: Premier League – Npower Championship, Ligue 1 – Ligue 2, Serie A – Serie B, La Liga – Liga Adelante, Armenian Premier League – Armenian First League, Sogaz Football Championship – FNL First division, Bundesliga – Bundesliga 2, Brasileiro Serie A, Extra League All stars, Classic teams
– New teams: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cyprus, Estonia, Georgia, Karabakh Republic, Indonesia, Malaysia and V2 added Kazakhstan
– UEFA Champions League: All 32 Teams
– UEFA Europe League all teams
– Correct kits for all leagues + updated all the national teams and classic
– New adboards for all leagues, stadiums, clubs and championships
– New TV popasy for all leagues and championships and cups (you can vybrat directly from the game)
– All new transfers
– Real sponsors in Master League
– Own Selector two leagues
– Compatible with DLC 1.03 and 4.00
– New menu
– ML rating corrected
– New Chants for almost all clubs and national teams
– Fixed names of the players in the standard unlicensed National teams including online ML (Master League)
– Faces: More than 5000 new faces are available in the game (about 2000 in HD and Full HD)
– Removed a blur in the game
– Added more than 100 new stadiums (now all clubs EPL, Bundesliga, Liga BBVA have their stadiums that are assigned to them in the Master League)
– Fully automatic installation easy
– Full compatibility with online (for online play, you need people. Key)
– The names of players without CAPSA (Oxlade-Chamberlain, Arteta, Gibbs) – works online
– Real HD logos for all teams and league championships and cups
– New graphics in HD
– The actual placement and tactics Most of clubs
– Remove all duplicate players
– New HD Balls for all leagues (more than 120 swords are available in the game)
– New realistic grass in all the stadiums in Full HD
– Increased area when importing entity
– Support for forms, banners, chants, stadium officials in GDB
– Real video advertising boards around the perimeter of the field and at the upper levels
– Real Video INTOR for League Champions and Europe league
– Stadiums for teams” Armenian Premier League” in the standard mode
– The actual shape of judges (one for each religion)
– New preview for stadiums in Full HD
– Updated formulations strongest teams
– Updated music filling
– This Cup Championship
– New HD 81 pairs of shoes
– Smoke and fire in the stadium at the beginning of the game
– Fans in the form of commands
– Setting up the gameplay (mozhate themselves nastroivat)
– A few useful tools to menu: Setting up the camera, change money in ML etc.
– A new start background
– New icons in the menu
– New images select games
– A new species of the field circuit
– New music in the ML and SL
– Disabled repeats
– Banner bolelschikov almost all clubs and national teams
– New gameplay and gravics
– New Clubs (Fifa world stars team, world best player team, Europe stars team, american stars team)
– And other things ICDO

Instalation: Automatic

Download Mega Armpes 2013 v2.0:

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