Matrix Stats system beta test version 0.2 by Kenny

The Matrix Stats System is an evaluation system that changes the player & team stats depending on real data, market prices and team performance from the previous season

We use as our database


– Real names for over 8.200 players in PES 2013
– New stats for all player depending on their current market prices
– Real primary positions and automatically generated secondary positions
– Real nationalities for all players
– Real age, height and shot foot
– New settings for injury tolerance and player form
– New settings for weak foot accuracy and weak foot frequency
– New ingame market price system based on real market prices
– New settings for Playing Style Cards and Special Skills Cards
– New settings for dribble style, free kick style, penalty style, dropkick style, and goal celebration
– Updated Leaguenames and Stadiumnames
– New growth type system
– New spacing system on the shirtnames
– New height & weight system

Download link:

To beta test the Matrix Stats System you need to have PESedit Patch 3.2 installed

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  1. I thought your in game market prices were real life as in RONALDO = £80,000,000, but im seeing Van Persie to be at £6,000,000 Messi at around £10,000,000. Why? This is not real at all.