Gameplay tool 2013 version 3.25 (03/12) – Final – by jenkey1002

Gameplay tool 2013 version 3.25

Changelog :

Fixed issue in windows XP
After got many negative feedbacks about chantserver, I decided to remove chantserver permanently, from version 3.25 gameplay tool won’t support chantserver anymore.
Added : referee kit switchers
Update match time setting : from 1~45 to 1~90

Download :

GDB Stadium sample :
Addon Scoreboard + Banner pack (new) :

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  1. Negative feedback about Chantserver ??? That’s weird… My chantserver works perfectly with all the versions of Gamepla Tool… the only problem i had till now with it it was black adboards, but I fixed that…. what was the problem with chantserver?

  2. chantserver works perfectly with all the versions of GameplaY Tool…add chantserver ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. If you want to use chantserver, you can always use version 3.24 of Gamegplay Tool, which is almost the same with 3.25

  4. JENKEY, I beg you with all my hope… please release a final gameplay tool version that is compatible with pes2013 patch 1.04 & DLC 5.00…. Gameplay Tool v3.24 doesn’t work anymore with the latest kitserver, and I can’t play PES 2013 without your holy tool. I beg you man, please, please sooo much release a last version of Gameplay Tool compatible with the latest patch, cause i can’t play without the chantserver, gameplay settings, and stadium server :((((((( … I BEG YOU MAN! I NEED YOUR TOOL !!!! :(

  5. For some reason when I try to attach gameplay tool to my exe file, it would only recognize pes2013_100.exe, not the regular pes2013.exe. Any help on how to fix this?

    • “asg”, Download the crack 1.03 and replace the 1.04 that you have, the Gameplay tool works only with game version 1.00, 1.01, 1.02 and 1.03, Good Luck :)

      • У меня пес 2013 патч я открываю gameplay tool и ставлю свой пес2013 еxe но не принимает (not attached) у меня только один приложение pes 2013 помагите мне я очень хочу эту приложение. За ранее спасибо ^_^