TOP FULL FACE HD PACK GDB Manchester United 2012-13 for PESEDIT Patch

Best of the best. Amazing works face makers.

1. 23 HD and 3 HQ Face.
2. 33 Hair, 6 version 2, 1 version 3.
3. 2 version face for Welbeck, both works are amazing.
4. + Bonus Face and Hair Fabio Da Silva QPR.
5. Tatoo update W.Rooney and Ashley Young.

All works belong to the authors it is simply careful and objective assembly, in which the main advantage quality and realness of a product.
The huge gratitude for their work is expressed to all ator of these works that we received stronger emotions from game. ))


1. Copy GDB to kitserver13.
2. Open the text document Map.txt faces foldel PESEDIT PATCH and copy the section Manchester United and QPR #EPL save.



#Manchester United

46840, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedPowell_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedPowell_hair.bin”
45667, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedHenriquez_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedHenriquez_hair.bin”
38938, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedAmos_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedAmos_hair.bin”
37448, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedButtner_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedButtner_hair.bin”
32607, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedNani_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedNani_hair.bin”
5404, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedFletcher_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedFletcher_hair.bin”
3582, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedVanPersie_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedVanPersie_hair.bin”
34641, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedAshley Young_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedAshley Young_hair.bin”
4152, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedRooney_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedRooney_hair.bin”
35505, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedJonnyEvans_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedJonnyEvans_hair.bin”
38352, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedWelbeck_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedWelbeck_hair.bin”
816, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedScholes_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedScholes_hair.bin”
40257, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedSmalling_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedSmalling_hair.bin”
5029, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedVidic_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedVidic_hair.bin”
40571, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedDe Gea_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedDe Gea_hair.bin”
820, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedFerdinand_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedFerdinand_hair.bin”
36556, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedChicharito_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedChicharito_hair.bin”
38593, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedCleverley_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedCleverley_hair.bin”
43148, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedLindegaard_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedLindegaard_hair.bin”
32441, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedAnderson_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedAnderson_hair.bin”
1938, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedCarrick_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedCarrick_hair.bin”
4013, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedEvra_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedEvra_hair.bin”
793, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedGiggs_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedGiggs_hair.bin”
42352, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedJones_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedJones_hair.bin”
38590, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedRafael_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedRafael_hair.bin”
15320, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedShinji Kagawa_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedShinji Kagawa_hair.bin”
31221, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedValencia_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueManchester UnitedValencia_hair.bin”


38589, “Premier LeagueQPRFábio_face.bin”, “Premier LeagueQPRFábio_hair.bin”

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